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Devon Dotson Talks Tar Heel Offer

Devon Dotson received big news in a postgame meeting with Roy Williams on Saturday. The sophomore point guard from Charlotte (N.C.) Providence Day and his father discuss receiving the UNC scholarship offer.

Did you know the offer was coming?

Devon Dotson : I just heard feedback that he really liked me and their other coaches liked my game a lot. I knew they had asked us to come back to the game today and they had a coach watching me last night.

How did the offer happen?

Devon Dotson: After the game, we talked to the assistant coaches and waited for Roy to come out. He brought us to his office, we sat down and talked to him and that’s when he offered a scholarship. He was talking about my game and how he really liked me. He compared me to Ty Lawson, and he just kept saying he loved my game.

He kept talking about how he likes playing two point guards and how he thought me and (UNC commit Rechon) Leaky (Black) would play well in the backcourt together.

Dana Dotson: He kept talking about Devon’s explosiveness. Just the way he explodes athletically to the rim, his quickness. He brought up one play where Devon got a steal, split two defenders and dunked in traffic. That’s the play he referenced, and he said he hasn’t seen that since Ty Lawson. And he kept saying ‘and that’s the highest compliment’ because Ty Lawson was one of his best point guards.

What was your reaction?

Devon Dotson: I just said ‘wow, thank you.’ I was just shocked. I was just excited.

Did Coach Williams mention the importance of recruiting in the state of North Carolina?

Dana Dotson: He said certainly he would like to recruit from North Carolina, if the players are good enough. Not only does Devon happen to be in state, but he’s a good enough player to play at North Carolina. He told a story about when he was at Kansas and how people wondered why wasn’t he recruiting certain Kansas players, and Kansas State was getting all the players from the state. He asked them, ‘well what’s our record against Kansas State?’ They said they were 14-0 and undefeated. So he was saying the first criteria (is) you have to be good enough.

What factors will you all make a college decision based upon?

Dana Dotson: High-level basketball, high-level conference. Established coaching staff – they have that. We want a coaching staff with integrity and one that can build character with Devon. Those are important years of his life when he’s moving away from home. Academic support, because there’s a lot of demands on the student-athlete. The last one goes back to the basketball, just being able to develop him into the best player and best version of himself he can be.

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