Last talk with Cangelosi

<I>Inside Carolina</I> took one final opportunity to talk with "Nick Cangelosi the recruit" before he becomes a Tar Heel player. Cangelosi did not attend class over the summer but he did come down to Chapel Hill for two weeks to work out with the players and learn his way around campus.

When IC called him on the phone, he was watching game film.

"I'm really excited about coming down to Chapel Hill," Cangelosi said. "My parents and I are coming down Monday (August 4). Registration is on Tuesday and I think practice starts on Wednesday. I have my courses all picked out. I'm taking Sociology, English, and Portuguese (among other courses). I was planning on majoring in business, but I may wait until my junior year to declare"

Cangelosi teamed up with fellow recruit Jesse Holley to lead New Jersey past New York in the Governor's bowl.

"Jesse Holley is really big and athletic," Cangelosi said. "He is also very fast. He's going to make some plays in Chapel Hill. He's got that swagger that guys have when they know that they are good."

Cangelosi plans on rooming with his former high school teammate Joe Kedra while at Carolina. He was shocked when he saw Kedra recently.

"I couldn't believe how big he has gotten," Cangelosi said. "By the time we had finished the season last year he weighed about 215 pounds. He's huge now. He hit the weight room really hard over the spring and bulked up to 250. I think with all the running he has done over the summer (at Camp Connors) he is back down to 240 but he really looks like a college linebacker now."

Finally, Cangelosi spent some time with his new teammates over the two-week summer period.

"Everyone was really great," he said. "I thought the upper classmen would treat me like I as going through an initiation or something but they really welcomed me."


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