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UNC Commitment Q&A: DT Jordon Riley

Jordon Riley committed to UNC over co-leader Tennessee, as well as other schools. The defensive tackle from Durham (N.C.) Riverside spoke in-depth with Inside Carolina about his decision.

Q&A with Jordon Riley

Why UNC?

“Basically, they had a plan laid out for me and I really liked the plan they have for me. And just the relationships I had with the coaches, especially the relationship I had with Coach Tray Scott. It was a relationship like no other – he’s a person I can come to before a big game; [and] if I ask him for some wisdom, he’ll give me some wisdom. And he’s a coach I feel like can take me to the next level.”

UNC was tied with Tennessee, a school that you were committed to for about a month. Did anything occur that broke that tie?

“It was just the consistency, plus me going up there and visiting. Obviously, I didn’t get a good chance to visit Tennessee [a second time]. But, each time I visited North Carolina, it was just different up there. Not only that, it’s the people, man – and not only in football but outside of football there’s really great people up there. And what they have going on with the program is outstanding and I want to be a part of that.”

You didn’t make it to the junior day in January. But you did visit recently prior to the commitment visit, correct?

“Yes, that was Saturday before that and it was with [my uncle] Chris [Kenan].”

When did you decide to commit?

“The next day, but I didn’t commit until I visited with my mom and dad on Thursday.”

How did the commitment go down?

“[Larry Porter and Scott] were telling me about the plan. I looked at my parents and I just said to [the UNC coaches] that if this plan is what you’re telling me then I really believe in the plan and I want to be a part of it and I want to be a Tar Heel. They were like, ‘Alright, we’re going to bring you to Coach [Larry] Fedora.’ 

“I told Coach Fedora and Coach Fedora was really psyched and happy.”

You’ve been committed before. Will this commitment stick? Will you visit other schools?

“I’m pretty much done. I’m pretty much focused on school and football. I’m not sure yet [if I’ll visit any other schools], but I’m going to Nike and all the [showcase] camps. But, other college visits, I’m not sure, yet.”

When’s the next time you’ll be back at UNC?

“Duke and Carolina [basketball game] this Wednesday.”

The week before you committed, UNC picked up commitments from Jake Lawler and Ryan Jones. Did that momentum factor into your decision?

“I knew Jake Lawler from before – I hung out with him at one of the UNC games – but I didn’t hear about the other dude. 

“But, when Jake committed he hit me up. At that time, I didn’t really know [what I was going to do]. I basically told him that I was going to take my time just go through and see what I have. 

“Now that I’ve actually made my decision, I’m actually psyched to play with him – he’s a good player. I can’t wait to play beside him.”

Will you recruit for UNC?

“I’m going to try my best to get the best people at North Carolina. I’m going to try to get big-time Xach Gill out of Wake Forest. And then Jordan Williams out of Virginia.”


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