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Top 10 Junior Kevin Knox Returns From N.C. Trip

Kevin Knox discusses his thorough unofficial visit to Chapel Hill.

As an overview, what’d you think of your experience visiting North Carolina and Duke this weekend?
Both of the schools are really good. I really like both of them. The student sections were crazy. The atmospheres was just crazy. I visited both facilities and they were really nice and both are just really nice programs.

At North Carolina, what did your visit there consist of?
I talked to Roy (Williams) and Coach (Steve) Robinson and all the other coaches and they talked to me about what they thought about my future at UNC and how I would fit in their playing style. We watched some video of some past players that play like me. We went over how I would fit in their style.

You said Roy talked to you about how he would see you in their system, how was that? What all did he say?
He was just saying that they like to play up and down and that’s how I fit into playing in his system. They like to run and I like to run. Playing on the wing position, coming off screens, being able to have the freedom to shoot, drive and just have the ability to play the position.

When they showed you film, were they comparing you to any past players?
They were just showing me film on past players that play like me that went on to play in the NBA.

Was there anyone they cited specifically?
They showed me a lot of Harrison Barnes film. They showed me a lot of Marvin Williams, Vince Carter and those wing type of players.

You got to watch a practice and go to a game, what were your takeaways from being around them and watching them on the court?
During the practice they did a lot of drills. I just watched a lot of their wings during shootaround and stuff like that. Of course the game, I was watching how they defended and the freedom of their wing players and how they operated on the court and in practice.

In trying to visit two campuses, and going back and forth, how was it mapped out?
I visited Carolina on Friday and Saturday as well. I went to their practice in the morning on Saturday then of course I went to the Duke game after that. Then on Sunday I went to the game at Carolina.

This was an unofficial visit, but you did a lot in a short span and spent serious time with both schools. What prompted you to do this type of trip that was so in-depth that it was more like an official visit?
I thought this would be a very good weekend to spend up in North Carolina. Of course getting to see my grandpa (who lives in nearby Holly Springs, N.C.) and I had a lot of time to visit both of the schools. It was my first major, major unofficial visit. I just wanted to soak it all in and see how it felt and I think it went really well.

Do you think you’ll do something similar with some other schools?
Oh yes sir. I plan on visiting other schools as well.

You got a very close up look with both UNC and Duke, how do you compare those schools?
They both give their wings a lot of freedom and they both love to run up and down the court. Transition they both like to defend. That’s really a major part. They have a lot of really good plays that I saw. Brandon Ingram and Justin Jackson, those were the two guys that I really watched. A lot of plays go through them and they did a really good job of getting those guys the ball.

From a North Carolina standpoint, did you learn anything new?
Not really. I talked to their coaches a lot. I knew coming in what to expect. They just proved to me that they really do run up and down. They really do get their wings involved. Before I thought they play a big man type of ball, but they proved me wrong this weekend. Their wings did a really good job.

What did you think of your time with their team outside of basketball?
I got to meet all of their players before the game. Before the practice I got to meet a lot of them. They just talked to me about the experience and how good Coach Roy is. They did a really good job too.

After this trip, what stands out the most to you about North Carolina?
Just that before, like I said, I thought they were geared towards big men, but they get their wings involved a lot. Coach Roy knows how to win and knows to get the right people the ball in their hands and I think they proved me wrong this weekend with the wings. Justin Jackson did a fantastic job of getting out, getting the rebounds, transition and starting the break. That’s what I like to do.

What’d you think about the UNC campus?
The campus was real nice. I really liked their campus. I like how all of their buildings are similar and kind of together. Right by everything is football, baseball and it’s just centrally located.

What did you think of the game and the atmosphere?
It was great. I sat courtside right behind the basket where the student section was. Me and the other recruits got an earful of them and they did a really good job cheering them on. It was a great atmosphere. It was packed and sold out. Their fans are really good to their players.

How does a trip like this impact your overall recruitment? Are you trying to accelerate this process a little more?
I think after these two visits, I’ll start visiting more. Now it’s just starting to take unofficial visits. I’ll take more down the road.

Have you thought about a timeframe on making a college choice?
I’m a ways from that. I’m thinking about cutting down my list after AAU season. It’s my last part of the season. I pretty much have some big time offers and that may be a good time to cut my list down.

Do you have any more visits set up?
As of now I don’t.

Sounds like you hit the road late Sunday night. How was your team practice early Monday after all that travel?
We got back last night at 4 in the morning and I had practice at 9. My parents did all the driving, so I slept through the night. I got a lot of good rest and I had a lot of energy for practice.


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