UNC-Duke: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Read and watch Roy Williams's postgame comments following UNC's loss to Duke on Wednesday at the Smith Center.

Opening Comments:

Heck of a basketball game if you're a Duke fan or if you really care who run, but I don't fit in that category. It hurts right now - extremely. We were empty our last three or four possessions on the offensive end ... Everybody that wants to say Joel got fouled on that last shot, that's just sour grapes. You've got to make plays instead of trying to get the official to give you something. Brice was really something for a huge portion of the game tonight and we asked him to do some hard things, playing perimeter guys out on the floor. I thought he really did a nice job defensively on that. At the end they opened the floor and kept driving and we did a pretty good job guarding the ball but didn't get enough help from the other guys. It's got to be a team thing and everybody else has got to be involved and that's where I think we failed. It's tough to swallow because we had a wonderful crowd, great crowd, we have a great bunch of kids that really wanted something badly, and we just have to congratulate Duke and give them a great deal of credit for playing with five guys and having all five doing things that really helped them...

The last play, we get the ball after we get the miss. Coach Smith taught me, and I believe - and I'm not blaming it on Coach Smith by any means, it's my call - that you should always attack before the defense gets set. It's what I believe, what I was taught, the way I've always played. I told the kids I should have called a timeout. We didn't get as good a shot as I thought we'd get. That's just what I've always believed in. I say it's my fault but if we have it to do again tomorrow night I'll probably do the same thing because I think that's the best way to play. Didn't shoot the ball very well in the second half because we didn't move it as well, but their defense got stronger and our offense got weaker. It's a wonderful rivalry to be involved in, but I'm tired to just be involved - we've got to play better...

After Marshall Plumlee picked up his fourth foul, Brice Johnson went about eight minutes without a shot. Was it tough to get him the ball?

They did a better job defensively and we didn't do a very good job moving the ball and getting it to him. We sort of slowed down there, dribbled the ball instead of attacking. We tried to run a play to get the ball inside and, again, their defense outplayed our offense.

You mentioned the help defense, what would you have liked to see different? 

You're always worried about their three-point shooters, but we've got to do a better job coming off to help and getting back to challenge the three-point shooters. We talked about it in one of the time outs but they'd already done it about 77 times by then. Grayson is hard, Brandon is hard to guard. But their spacing is the best thing that's going on. When Marshall got the fouls they had even better spacing because they didn't have a true post player in there. Had guys that tried awfully hard but didn't quite get there.

Was it their defense in the second half? Was it part shot selection?

Yeah, part of it is shot selection. But I still go back that it's more movement than it is just the shot. We lost some of our movement and then we weren't getting stops on the other end. In the first half we were getting stops, getting a turnover or run out but we didn't take advantage of the run outs we did get, but we didn't have nearly as many in the second half as we did in the first.

What did you say to the guys in the locker room after that?

I told them I was sorry, that I should have gotten us a better shot at the end.

What did you expect to get out of that sequence with Joel bringing the ball up - what did you see?

We wanted Brice to come on a screen on the ball and see if we could get some more action but again, we didn't get what we wanted. I think you should always try to drive the ball as far to the basket as you can, but we didn't have very good spacing or very good movement.


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