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UNC's Chris Kapilovic Up Close: Offensive Coordinator Transition

The first in a four-part interview series with newly promoted UNC offensive coordinator Chris Kapilovic.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- When Seth Littrell chose to take the lead job at North Texas, UNC head coach Larry Fedora decided to promote offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic to the offensive coordinator spot. The transition actually isn't that big a change for the man referred to around the Kenan Football Center as "Coach Kap."

First up, how will the new OC spot modify your previous responsibilities?
I think the nuts and bolts of my primary responsibilities of coaching the O-line, what I do in practice, and recruiting, really is really going to stay the same. As far as my primary responsibilities as far as coaching the O-line, I am the only guy on the staff that really has experience coaching the O-line, so it is not a situation where I would be comfortable letting someone else run them and I go watch 7-on or something of that nature. So we’re going to keep the responsibilities the same for practices.

What about your recruiting responsibilities, how will they change?
It is going to stay the same. I’ve got my recruiting areas, then I try to go and recruit offensive linemen, I say nationally, but probably the Eastern half of the United States. So we have our areas that ‘this is where we recruit’ but Pennsylvania is not necessarily where we are in, but I will go there for O-linemen, or Ohio, or West Virginia, or some of those places. So, if there is an O-linemen that we like and some common interest, then we will go and recruit them also.

So far, how has the transition to the OC gone for you?
I guess why it is an easy transition - I say easy, but it should be a smooth transition - is that we’ve always sort of done this (play calling) as a group anyway. From an offensive coordinator position I’ve been in offenses where the offensive coordinator did most of the game-planning, he did all the scripting, you just coached your guys. We’ve never really been that way.

You’ve been around Larry Fedora for nearly a decade, how does that aid in your transition?
Yes, I’ve been with Coach Fedora for eight seasons, going on our ninth. It makes it an easier transition because the base of this offense Coach Fedora and I have been associated with for eight years -- every year you try and put a new wrinkle in, try to do some things and get some ideas from staff members, but the base, the nuts and bolts of what we do stays the same. Being around it as long as I have and understanding how it works definitely makes the progression easy.

What else do you think will aid you in your transition?
The thing I will say is that our staff chemistry, last year and now, is probably the best I’ve ever been around in 24 years of coaching. In the offensive group, the defensive group, we have great chemistry. That was important to us; whomever we brought in that the chemistry stayed the same, and he slid right in there. Chad Scott had a relationship with Coach Brewer, so that was good, and he also has a similar background in terms of the type of offense we run. That’s big; he’s not foreign to what we’re doing. Some of the terminology was similar to what he’s used at other places, maybe the same routes, but just a different name, so he’s very familiar with what we’re doing, so that part is making the transition a little smoother, but as far as the chemistry and fitting in, he’s been great.

Are you prepared from the increased scrutiny you’ll receive as the offensive coordinator?
I understand fans get frustrated - when I am watching a game as a fan, I’ll say things myself, and I’ll say, ‘There you go, you’re popping off.’ I feel comfortable with that, I can handle that, I know we’re doing this as a group, so I know it isn’t all on me even though my name may be attached to it. I feel really good about the group I am with, I couldn’t ask for a better coaching staff to coach with, so if you’re going into a great challenge like this, the kids I have around me and the coaches I have in that room - I don’t think you can ask for a better group.

Check back tomorrow for Part II: Play Calling Dynamics ...

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