John Bunting comments on decision not to play

"It's a decision the ACC has made. I'm a little surprised the NCAA didn't mandate it, but the ACC has decided to do it, so whatever they think is best is what is best. Obviously, I have mixed emotions about playing. You want to play, because you want your kids to play and to keep the continuity and the routine going, but this is a national tragedy.

"We'll practice tomorrow. We'll work on special teams some more we've worked on it hard this week. We've gotten better this week. I think the players realize from watching the tape just how badly we played (on special teams) and how we really let down the team. Friday well have meetings and a short walk-through.

"We said a team prayer yesterday right after practice. Ronald Brewer (cornerback) led us in prayer. We had someone from Student Health over here to talk with our players, making sure they knew where to go if they wanted some assistance. I had two of my very best friends up there in New York. I found out subsequently that they are ok. We tried to do what we could for the players in terms of all the various situations that they're involved in, with family and friends, and trying to help them a little bit to understand this tragedy."

***Carolina's game vs. SMU is rescheduled for December 1, 2001***

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