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Future Two-Sport Tar Heel Chazz Surratt Sets Sights on Chapel Hill

The two-sport star and future Tar Heel played his final high school game on Saturday - at the Smith Center.

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – After East Lincoln's 81-71 loss to Farmville Central in the NCHSAA 2A basketball championship game, North Carolina quarterback signee Chazz Surratt has his sights set forward to his time in Chapel Hill.

“I’ve thought about it a lot this week,” said Surratt, who had 10 points, six rebounds, five assists amid foul trouble in his final game. “Definitely being my last game at East Lincoln, being at Carolina, it’s where I’ll be for four years.”

Surratt had the option to enroll early and participate in spring practices with the football team, but chose to return to East Lincoln and play one last hoops season with his younger brother Sage.

“I don’t know if we’re ever gonna play again together, so definitely, it’s special, these last memories these last couple months here,” Surratt said. “We’ve had a good run over the past couple years, so I’m definitely thankful for everything.”

The Surratt brothers left an impressive mark on East Lincoln football and basketball, including a football championship in 2014 and consecutive trips to the basketball title game in 2015 and 2016.

“You guys don’t understand what these two guys mean to the coaching staff, what they mean to everybody,” said East Lincoln head coach Neil Hodges. “Not only are they exceptional athletes, not only are they great students, they are leaders in our school, they lead by example.”

Surratt's decision to stay in high school benefited Sage, who cherished the opportunity for one last run with his older brother.

“I was definitely very thankful and blessed to play with him again,” said the younger Surratt, who earned Most Outstanding Player honors for his 32 points and 11 rebounds in the title game. “It didn’t end the way we wanted it to, but we definitely had some more memories that we probably wouldn’t have had if he had gone, but we definitely relished everything we had left.”

The bond between the two brothers is something that still weighs on Chazz as he enters his next chapter.

“We’ve had a good run over the past four years, me and Sage, so hopefully we play together again,” said the elder Surratt. “That’s really what I’ve been worried about, just playing with Sage; that’s the big thing to me.”

The uncertainty of a Surratt family reunion in college made the championship game loss sting just a little more.

“It’s definitely kind of cool (to play in Chapel Hill), but we wanted to come up here and win,” said the QB standout, who earned the prestigious national honor of Parade Magazine Football Player of the Year. “We didn’t want to lose, we’re not losers, we’ve been accustomed to winning.”

And that’s the legacy Surratt leaves behind at East Lincoln as he heads to UNC.

“I hate to see Chazz leave us, I don’t know what his basketball record has been for four years, it’s impressive,” said Hodges. “We wish him the best of luck down here in Chapel Hill.”

Surratt, wearing a wristband emblazoned with “CAROLINA FOOTBALL” surrounded by argyle, took one extra second to take in where he was.

“This will definitely be home for me for four years.”

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