Morris has Carolina in Top 4

One thing is for certain when it comes to the home phone of Randolph Morris, a 6-11 center from Fairburn, Ga. It doesn't stop ringing.

After a marvelous summer performance with the powerful Atlanta Celtics, the coveted 250-pound big man is being recruited heavily.

"The phone's been ringing a lot," said Morris in his deep voice Tuesday night. "I haven't been talking to the college coaches yet, but they've been calling a lot."

As for who's been on the other line trying to get through?

"Well, like I said, I haven't been taking too many calls since I got back, but I know that UCLA has been calling a lot. Michigan also. Carolina has been calling and Kentucky also."

As for the possible scholarship offer from UNC that Atlanta Celtic boss Wallace Prather had referred to in an IC interview last week (link), Morris couldn't confirm what Prather felt had happened.

"I haven't received an offer from UNC as far as I know it," Morris said. "They watched me a lot this summer and I know that they're interested, but I'm not aware of an offer right now."

Regardless of the offer, though, Morris does feel the love from Roy Williams and his staff. He had some thoughts about the new regime and he also shared his opinions of the program as a whole.

"I feel like I'm one of the big guys that they're looking at," he said. "I know they brought in Marvin Williams and all, too. They're looking at some other guys. I just don't know how much of a priority I am for them at this time.

"They have a great program (at UNC). Their coach is a great coach and he did so many great things at Kansas, too."

When we asked Prather for a college list for Morris -- several rolled off his tongue rather quickly, including Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, UNC, Kentucky, Michigan and UCLA. But Morris may have narrowed his list down even more. He offered a leader as well as a top four when questioned on the matter.

"Georgia Tech is my leader," he said. "They have the best location, being so close and they have the great academics as well. I won't deny the fact that they're my leader right now. But others like Kentucky, Carolina and Louisville are right there, too. I'd say that they're my most logical four schools right now. But the list isn't closed. I'm not really looking to decide soon -- probably mid-season. Not in the fall."

It's probably a safe bet that the Morris family phone won't stop ringing anytime soon.


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