UNC Commitment Q&A: RB Adarius Lemons

Adarius Lemons committed to UNC over a bevy of scholarship offers. The four-star running back from Clearwater (Fla.) spoke in-depth with Inside Carolina about his decision.

Q&A with Adarius Lemons

You’ve never really hid your feelings towards UNC. But did you anticipate committing to the school heading into the visit?

“It was one of those things where I had to see it for myself. I knew I was going to take the trip. It was just a matter of time of getting down there, seeing the environment, seeing how everything was. Everything seemed to be what it was.”

How did the actual commitment happen?

“I was talking to Coach [Larry] Fedora, Coach [Larry] Porter, and Coach Chad Scott. We all sat down in the office. My grandma [was there], too. We were just talking and then I just knew that I enjoyed the trip and everything just seemed to be what I dreamed off. I liked everything – the environment, the people, and everything just seemed to be what it was. We just talked – we just said a few words – and that was it. I told them I was committing.”

What were the coaches’ reactions?

“It was priceless. It was like a million dollars float in front of your face.”

What sort of impact did your relationship with Coach Scott have on your decision to commit to UNC?

“He started recruiting me before he getting [to UNC]. He spread the word about me. We just have a good relationship. It was very important to me. He let me know that I’m a vital piece to their offense – that’s a big factor to me.”

The UNC visit was part of a string of campus visits. Where else did you stop during your tour?

“Before I visited [UNC], I visited South Carolina. We visited Tennessee and Auburn [on Saturday].”

Should UNC be concerned with you visiting Tennessee and Auburn?

“[The UNC coaches] aren’t really worried about it, because I told them that I’m fully committed. There’s nothing to worry about.

“I [took the tour] with two of my teammates – Jaquez Jones and Kane Taylor. And my head coach. I’m just going along with them.”

What did you mostly do during your UNC visit?

“I got to know the players. I got to get a feel on everything – the whole campus. I learned about the whole campus, a little bit of history about the campus, and just all the major things that I should know. I got to see everything.”

What players did you spend time with and how did you feel you meshed with them?

“I got to hang out with the new players, the freshman. I hung out with the offensive line – getting to know them guys. Those are going to be some of the guys that I’m going to be playing with when I get there. That was a big factor.

“They were cool. They were on my level. They were just cool people to be around.”

What coaches did you meet with and what was their message to you?

“I met with everybody: the offensive line coach [Chris Kapilovic], Coach Fedora – I met with the whole staff. I met with the trainer, the nutritionist – I met everybody.

“Everything that they showed me, no school has showed me – why I belong in their offense and how I would fit into their offense. And they broke it down to me. They sat me down and showed me how I would actually fit in their offense. And I just like their offense.”

How do you fit into the offense?

“I fit in real well, because some of the plays that they run are kind of similar to the plays that I run right now at the high school level.”


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