Video: Atlanta Celtics (Randolph Morris), Part II

Here are the second-half highlights from the Pump N Run victory over the Atlanta Celtics, featuring Jordan Farmar, Randolph Morris, Dwight Howard and more...

The Pump N Run All-Stars beat the loaded Atlanta Celtics in the semi-final of the Pump Best of Summer Tourney last week, 85=69.

On your scorecard, here are the players you need to know:


#2 - Jordan Farmar
#20 - Bryce Taylor
#42 -- Lorenzo Mata
#15 -- Rico Tucker
#34 -- Nick Young
#31 - Jared Dudley

Atlanta Celtics:

#12 -- Dwight Howard
#21 -- Randolph Morris
#23 -- Mike Mercer
#42 -- Josh Smith

Second Half Pump. V. Celtics Highlights*

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