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Michael Jordan's Postgame UNC Locker Room Visit

Michael Jordan addressed the North Carolina team in the locker room after Monday night's championship game.

HOUSTON --- The alumni turnout on Monday night was remarkable.

More than 50 former Tar Heels players, including at least one from each of UNC's NCAA championship teams, were in attendance at NRG Stadium.

And the biggest one of all headed straight to the UNC locker room to offer his support immediately following Carolina's crushing, last-second defeat to Villanova.

“Honestly, I didn’t even know who was talking until about 30 seconds after he had started because I didn’t have a chance to look up. I was so hurt from what had just happened," Marcus Paige said. "But I looked up to see the greatest player to ever play basketball."

Michael Jordan offered words of support and encouragement to the devastated team.

"He said it was okay, that he was proud of us and that we made him proud to be a Tar Heel and be a Tar Heel alum," Paige said. "And that you can’t be a great winner without having to experience struggles and losses and how to use this as fuel.

On a night that was unforgettable and surreal in both its grandeur and heartbreaking conclusion, Jordan's visit won't soon be forgotten.

"It’s tough for me because I never get to do this again at this level," Paige said, "but I can internalize what happened here and use it as fuel going forward in my career, and I’m sure the guys coming back will never forget this moment and can use that to motivate them through the entire next couple of years.

"It means a lot because he’s the face of basketball worldwide. He means a lot to us as kids looking up to him, and for him to say that he’s proud of us and to have him have a moment with Coach before Coach comes in, it’s special and it speaks a lot to this program.”

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