Media Day: Bunting Quotes

Opening Thoughts:
"I apologize for the rain today, but it's raining every place on the East Coast, I hear, which is not so different from the way it's been all summer. Thank goodness we have that indoor facility, right? I hear people talk about it, and yes, we do have it. Recruits out there - we do have it, we're allowed to practice all the time."

"We're off to a good start. I'm excited about this football team. I can already see that it has more of a mindset that's more aligned with me and my staff and what we've got to get done. I think I've got a very, very fine senior class. We talked a lot about our freshmen. They are kind of what I thought they'd be after two days without pads on. They're quick, fast and athletic and I'm excited about them. But we all know you win with fourth- and fifth-year players. We've got a smattering of those with a good senior class. I'm expecting big, big things from many of those players and many of our underclassmen [who played last year]. We have a tremendous schedule, some great teams up front that we're going to play and we're excited about playing."

On the Running Game:
"We've got to stop the run and we've got to run the ball. Those two things are very important in football, no matter what level - high school, college or pro. Every place I've been, when you can run the ball you have a great chance to win. When you can stop the run you have a great chance to win. If you can't do either one of them, you limit your chances."

On the Offensive Line:
"I think it's the best we've had since we've been here, there's more depth. Being in the second year with [offensive line coach] Hal Hunter, we'll play that much better. I'm very, very confident that our line will play its best this year, and I'm also more confident than I've ever been in our running backs."

On Michael Waddell Winning his Job Back:
"Michael Waddell is working closely with our nickel unit, with our first unit. He's listed on our second team right now, but that's irrelevant to me. He'll get equal reps to anybody who plays in front of him or behind him. We're going to have a very competitive situation at cornerback and I hope it gets even more competitive. It's a position of some strength and some depth.

"Michael Waddell has all the talent in the world. He lost a little confidence last year. It's become very apparent to all of us on our staff that he regained some of that confidence in spring ball. We hope he will continue to go up in that regard. He's a talented guy, he's a great kid back for his last year. I'd love to see him have a great year. He started off the first two days [of practice] buzzing around with a lot of energy, and that's what it's going to take. He needs to go practice to practice, play to play and continue to gain back all the confidence that he should have, because he's a fine player."

Responding to a question about Lionell Green, a junior college cornerback who signed with UNC in February:
"We're very hopeful that that situation may work itself out by the end of the day. If it does, we'll see him on the practice field tomorrow."

On the Running Back Rotation:
"Right now my biggest concern is to have a rotation throughout this preseason here that is fair, equitable for all the backs, equitable for our offense and the right thing for our offense. I asked [running backs coach] Andre Powell to put together a plan, which he's done, and Coach [Gary] Tranquill and I have approved it. We're going to see it executed throughout the summer camp and go from there. Those running backs are going to get equal chances to run with the first unit and we're going to have a scoring system. We're going to find out who scores the best and make some judgments based on those results as to who starts, who plays, what can they do, what down they play on.

"I'd like to do what we did last year [rotate two backs] because I don't want to play four running backs in a game. There's a place for playing two, and there's probably a place for playing three, whether it be third down or two tailbacks in the game at the same time. They each have very distinct qualities that separate them, and you'd like to see one guy that has all of those qualities. What I've seen so far is two running backs that have come back in tremendous shape - Jacque Lewis and Willie Parker. I was very impressed with Chad Scott all throughout the spring, and I was very impressed with Ronnie McGill. We're going to wait and see how it works out."

On Darian Durant Winning the Respect of his Teammates:
"What I saw during the time that Darian wasn't able to play was a quarterback that missed being in charge, a quarterback that missed his teammates and being out there in the huddle. The week before the Duke game, we had a Sunday practice, all of a sudden I saw this guy out there with a splint on [his thumb] out there, throwing balls with his pads on. It made me laugh and it made me kind of emotional because he was out there throwing pregame warmup on Sunday. I think it was all about trying to get those guys jazzed up a little bit and show them how much he cares, how much he loves the game and how much he loves his teammates. I don't think he needed to do anything like that, I think that's just what he wanted to do."

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