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UNC Signee Update: Tyler Pritchett

Fully healthy, Pritchett is in condition to make a position move.

Although he participated simply to keep occupied during the spring months, Tyler Pritchett was a part of Auburn (Ala.) High’s AHSAA 7A Men’s State Championship team. The North Carolina signee participated in the shot put. 

“Even though we won state this year, I didn’t make it to state because I didn’t qualify,” Pritchett laughed. “My best [put] wasn’t very long – I can tell you that. 

“[Track-and-field] was convenient for me, because it’s out there at our [football] practice field. So, after I finished track, I’d do some running and do some different drills. And then I went ahead and worked out.”

Since receiving a workout packet from UNC shortly after Signing Day, Pritchett has followed it completely. He also works on position fundamentals with his former high school offensive line coach.

“[UNC’s workout] is a lot different [than my high school workout],” Pritchett said. “It’s a lot more running; it gives you a plan for lifting; and it definitely teaches you how to eat right. A lot of that stuff I wasn’t doing before.”

Now that he’s doing it, Pritchett has noticed a couple physical changes. First, he recognized a drastic increase in strength. 

“When it comes to different lifts, all my weights have gone up,” Pritchett said. “And they went up pretty quickly.”

Additionally, Pritchett has trimmed 25 pounds from his 6-foot-3 frame. He’s now tipping the scale at 295 pounds.

Within the past eight months, Pritchett’s weight has fluctuated a lot because of a bout with mononucleosis this past fall. He dropped to 270 lbs. while he was sick. In an attempt to gain energy and weight, he ballooned to 320 afterwards.

Throughout his high school career, Pritchett has exclusively played left tackle. However, he’ll be kicked inside to right guard at UNC. 

Considering the position change plus the fact that O-lineman generally red-shirt, Pritchett is a candidate to watch from the sidelines this fall. 

“[Offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic] told me just to keep working and just to see what happens,” Pritchett said. “He said he’s not going to tell us until the end of the year who’s red-shirting and who’s not. But, you pretty much know if you’re not traveling with the team.

“At the end of the day, I’m just trying to do the best that I can and showcase my abilities.”

Since he was little, Pritchett has worn No. 75. Being that junior Bentley Spain currently wears those digits for UNC, Pritchett will have to execute a reversal during his college career.

“[Kapilovic] gave us a list of numbers,” Pritchett said. “And I thought [57] would be kind of cool – since I couldn’t get No. 75 – since it’s the opposite of it.”

Pritchett, who aspire to be a superintendent, plans to major in elementary education at UNC. He says he has already been cleared by UNC admissions and the NCAA Eligibility Center.

Last Wednesday was Pritchett’s final day of high school. This Wednesday evening, he’ll walk with his senior class for graduation. In less than a month – June 14 to be exact – he’ll matriculate to UNC.

“I’ve been hanging out with a lot of my friends since last Wednesday,” Pritchett said. “So, I don’t think it’s really hit me, yet. But I think once I start packing and things like that, I think it will really start to hit me then.” 

Pritchett will room with fellow incoming offensive lineman Jay-Jay McCargo. He’s unsure of the other two members of their suite.


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