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UNC Signee Update: Roscoe Johnson

Compensating for a delay, the South Carolina receiver hit the weight room "full speed." He now believes he's faster and stronger.

Despite a late start – thanks to an injury – North Carolina signee Roscoe Johnson is back on schedule with his college preparation.

“I just got cleared a few weeks ago,” Johnson said. “I’m just going full speed with all my workouts and stuff now.”

When Union County (S.C.) High opened regional play in October, Johnson suffered a season-ending injury. The wide receiver fractured his foot and tore all of its ligaments when someone fell on him. He ended up missing the final eight games of the 2015 season, including four playoff contests.

A week after suffering the injury, surgery was performed on the foot. Two screws were inserted.

“I’m through with rehab,” Johnson said. “I’m just doing football related drills.

“I think I just really have to get used to it. It’s getting better by the week. We’re making progress. I’m feeling good. I think I came back faster and stronger.”

While on the mend, Johnson’s weight remained stable. Since returning to the weight room in March, he’s put on 10 pounds. He now checks in at 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds.

“I hit it full speed,” Johnson said. “They want me to be at like 190 before I get up there. So, I’m at a pretty good spot right now.”

Reaching his target weight is essential since wide receiver coach Gunter Brewer plans to use Johnson this fall.

“[Brewer] said he’s going to throw me in and see what I can do,” Johnson said. “I just have to learn the playbook. He said playing time is really based off the playbook.

“He said I was mainly going to be an outside wide receiver. But, because of my speed and my quickness, he said, I might be all around; I might be in the slot and stuff like that. He just has to see what I can do up there.”

Since his high school jersey number is occupied by two current Tar Heels (Jordon Brown and Des Lawrence), Johnson will be in for a change this fall.

“I had No. 2 [in high school], but that’s already gone,” Johnson said. “I think I’m going to have No. 19, but I’m not for sure, yet. I think [No. 19] was the only thing available, really. I’ll probably end up changing [my number] next year.”

Johnson says he’ll be rooming with Rontavius GrovesDominique Ross, and K.J. Sails.

“’Toe’ [Groves] and I, we were on our official [visit] together, so we hung out a lot,” Johnson said. “We got to know each other really well. 

“Then, once we all signed, K.J. and I started talking on Twitter. Him and Dominique were already boys, so we just all got each others' numbers and started contacting. So, we just decided we’re going to room together.”

According to Johnson, he has cleared UNC Admissions and the NCAA Eligibility Center.

“I just graduated Friday,” Johnson said. “So, I just have to send my final transcript and then I’ll be set to go.”

On June 14, Johnson, who plans to major in exercise and sports science, will report to campus.

“It’s kind of hitting me, because every time I go out I have people talking to me,” Johnson said. “I’m going to start to pack later this week.”


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