Morris entertaining four schools

Randolph Morris is starting to put the pieces together on and off the court. The Atlanta Celtics center had a great summer and his school list is indicative of his efforts.

Randolph Morris' already impressive resume was bolstered by a fine July and a championship at the prestigious Big Time. His Atlanta Celtics went 1-for-2 on a major west coast AAU swing in late July, dropping the Best of Summer championship to Pump ‘n Run.

"Anybody shoots that well, they deserved to win," Morris said. "I give them at best 85% [from the outside]."

Despite the loss, Morris looked extremely comfortable on the court in July. Surrounded by an abundance of talent, he was able to relax, play ball and have fun. His offense looked crisp at times and he was a presence inside alongside Dwight Howard and Josh Smith.

While he was out hooping it up, recruiters were sitting in the stands trying to devise ways they could get involved with him. He entered the summer with a brief school list of two and has extended it now to include four schools.

Georgia Tech and Kentucky were the big pre-July hitters on his list and they comprise his first-tier of schools. North Carolina and Louisville are the newcomers and they comprise his second tier of programs.

" I feel right now, the best college for me and the one that likes me the best is Kentucky and Georgia Tech. If something doesn't work out, I'll fall back to North Carolina and Louisville.

Morris, who has been to Georgia Tech more than a few times, said that he's trying to work out trips to Kentucky and North Carolina. "Coach Williams is supposed to get back with me."

Georgia Tech has long been the rumored leader but Morris didn't wish to acknowledge that. "I'm still feeling Georgia Tech a lot but I can't really put out a leader."

So, instead of declaring a July leader, Morris was asked to handicap each of the four schools chances. "I say Louisville is 10 percent, 45 [percent] for Tech, maybe 20 for UNC and the other 25 goes to Kentucky."

Clearly, he views Georgia Tech and Kentucky as the schools to beat while UNC and Louisville are playing catch up. So, what would do it for Tech? Would a commitment from a top guard help the Yellow Jackets?

"Tremendously because people always like to play with good guards."

And could the same be said for UK? "It's the same but I don't know what they're doing about their guards."

Morris should get a good measure of credit for playing alongside a couple of McDonald's All-Americans and potential first round draft choices this summer. A lot of kids would get disgruntled about their touches or find a reason to be jealous. Not Morris.

"I'm happy for everything they get because they deserve it. They get what they deserve it. It's hard work."

While Howard and Smith think about the NBA, Morris' perspective is a little different. "I think down the road it will come along and I'll have a good possibility to be in the NBA. But right now I'm focusing in on how to be a better player on the college level."

And during the summer, he made plenty of strides with his game. "Over the course of the summer I felt that I improved on my team aspect of playing basketball. I just did what I could do and I did it so effectively that it made me look good. I have to optimize on my strengths to make me look good."

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