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Tony Bradley Ready to Enroll at UNC

UNC's top-rated signee is eager to begin his Tar Heel career.

Upon arriving in Chapel Hill, Tony Bradley has a plan.

Work on getting stronger. Go to class. Work on improving his conditioning. Go to class. Get shots up in the gym and learn about his new teammates. Go to class.

Bradley -- UNC’s top-rated signee who is now less than a week away from enrolling at Carolina -- is using the second summer session as a boot camp. He wants to fully immerse himself in college life and prepare for a healthy amount of minutes during his freshman campaign.

“They (UNC) sent us some workout rotations that are like stations to do,” said Bradley. “It’s like dealing with lunges, chin-ups and pull-ups and stuff like that. I go lift and do it three times per week. It’s basically getting us ready for what we have to do when we get there.”

In addition to UNC’s regimen, Bradley has been working out with his high school coach several times per week. He also runs three miles every morning with his father.

“I’m really trying to get stronger and work my legs some more,” he said. “If I get stronger I can be more explosive. I feel a lot stronger and a little lighter already. I feel like I can handle my weight better now and I feel like I’m just getting up higher overall.”

Since Bradley’s high school season ended, he’s competed in the two biggest senior all-star games, the McDonald’s All-American game and the Jordan Brand Classic. He fared well in both, putting up 11 points and three rebounds at McDonald’s and six points and nine rebounds at the Jordan Brand Classic.

Still, other players with flashier skillsets have dominated varying lists predicting which players will have the most productive freshman seasons. It’s something Bradley has noticed.

“Other bigs are getting shown more attention, I’ve seen, but I’m not complaining about that,” said Bradley. “I’d rather play well and not be shown all of the attention. I don’t know what my role will be, I just want to get there and try to do my best and work hard. My main goal is to come in and help the team and contribute any way I can.”

Bradley, who says he’s now 6-10 3/4 and 235 pounds, will room with fellow freshmen Seventh Woods, Brandon Robinson and Shea Rush. The quartet hasn’t communicated a lot over the last couple months, but that will certainly change soon.

“It’s bittersweet how fast how high school went by,” he said. “It doesn’t feel like I was in high school for four years, but it’s time to go. I’m ready.”

Bradley will wear No. 5 as a freshman.

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