Curry eager to silence critics

The speculation has run rampant on how the North Carolina staff can toss out scholarship offers to J.R. Smith, Brian Johnson and a host of other players with just one spot available.

Some suspected maybe a player would transfer out of the program or perhaps a committed recruit, such as senior guard JamesOn Curry, would never make it to Chapel Hill.

Curry said that none of it is true.

"I've talked to the staff and everything is all set," Curry said. "I'm not sure where all of that came from. I'm actually going down there on the 26th to play against all of the guys. That'll get me even more ready."

Curry knows that his stock has dropped dramatically this summer, but he has worked hard to try and get ready for his senior season.

"I've heard all the stuff about how I'm too little and I won't survive in the ACC," he said. "It just makes me hungrier. I've heard all this stuff that everyone is saying I'm not good enough because I come from a small school. It just motivates me more."

He's been waking up at 7 a.m. every day and working on his grandparents farm until about 1 p.m. before grabbing a quick lunch and then working out at the gym with his cousin from about 2 until 7. He does 250 push-ups and 250 sit-ups every day.

"[The farm] is hard, manual work, but I've been doing it all my life," Curry said. "Then I go work out and have been trying to improve my dribbling and footwork."

Curry said that one day while he and his cousin were practicing recently something occurred that shocked both of them.

"All of the sudden, he threw me a pass and I caught it and did a windmill off two feet," Curry said. "It just happened. I'd never dunked off two feet before. It was always off one foot. I don't know what happened. We were kidding around that maybe I got hit by lightning. I'm not sure what happened, but it's crazy."

Curry said that his summer was like a roller-coaster ride. He enjoyed the Nike All-American Camp, where he and Al Jefferson teamed with two other players to win the 3-on-3 competition.

"It still wasn't as good a summer as I wanted it to be," he added.

That's because his summer basically ended after Nike Camp. He had a falling out with the N.C. Gaters and then rules prohibited him from jumping onto the Kappa Magic. The Gaters called, according to Curry, to play with them down in Orlando but it was too late to get him back on the roster.

Curry is salivating at the chance to play at the Charlie Weber tournament in late September (Sept. 26-28), so he can prove that he is one of the elite players in the nation.

"That's what I've been training for," he said. "I'm ready for whoever I go up against."

When asked who the UNC staff should take out of the handful of prospects the Tar Heels are currently considering, Curry is ever the politician.

"I plead the fifth on that one," he said. "Those guys are all my friends."

"I'm not sure what's going to happen," Curry added. "Brian (Johnson) tells me so much. He tells me he is going to commit to Carolina and I think he'll do it, but I think he wants to take a few visits first."

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