Andrew Platek

UNC Basketball Commitment Q&A: Andrew Platek

Moments after announcing his commitment to the UNC Basketball program, Andrew Platek spoke to Inside Carolina about his decision ...

Why did you opt to commit to North Carolina?
Why not Carolina? I was looking for the highest level of play I could find with the highest challenge. I know when I play with the best that it makes my game better and I make other people better. At the highest level I can do that.

What specifically led to you doing it today?
It was a combination of a few things. I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time recruiting. I knew in my heart that I knew where I wanted go and this was the best place for me.

When did you know that North Carolina was the place for you?
I had the thoughts while I was there (visiting last month). Playing with their guys we meshed right away. I was in awe of everything I saw. It was just an incredible visit. I give them props for making it such a wonderful visit for my family. Thinking back to the visit and my relationship with Coach Williams and Coach McGrath, I just knew in my heart this is where I wanted to be and that this the place for me.

How did UNC’s recruitment of you take off?
Coach Williams saw me at the Peach Jam last year. He sent me a text to let me know he’d be watching me. I didn’t think anything of it because I wasn’t the player I am now, last year. Coach McGrath came up a couple times and he was at my AAU games this year with Roy Williams. I had to keep getting better and working hard to improve my game to get to the level of North Carolina. I think I’m at that level now and I will continue working.

How is your relationship with Roy Williams?
Coach Williams, I keep in constant contact with him. I talked to him a bunch after Peach Jam. I didn’t play particularly well, but that didn’t matter to him. It was nice having that come from him and of that stature. That was incredible.

I know C.B. McGrath recruited you, have you all gotten pretty close?
He’s a cool guy and a knowledgeable coach. The relationship he has with Coach and the rest of the staff, I took notice of that. The fact that he could fly up to Western Massachusetts is a testament to his hard work. He showed me around on a tour when I did visit and it was great.

Did North Carolina map out your role in terms of how they plan on utilizing you?
Well they need guys that can score and knock down shots. I’m not just a shooter. I can do a lot of other things. I’m a basketball player, not just a shooter.

Jalek Felton is also committed in 2017, have you all talked?
I have not. I’m looking forward to saying 'what’s up' soon and hopefully get to know him a little better. I’m looking forward to playing with such a talented kid and playing with the guys on the current team.

How excited are you to have this process over with?
It’s definitely a weight off my shoulders. No recruit likes to admit it, but recruiting is stressful. You have to know that you’re making the right decision in your heart and I think I made it.

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