Born and Bred: Lee Pace

Lee Pace captures John Bunting and his return in a new book on sale now. Here is how to order.

Lee Pace has written a new book on John Bunting and his return to North Carolina as its head football coach.  Full of tremendous insights from colleagues such as Dick Vermeil and Ron Jaworski, anecdotes from his family and friends, and a ton of other information about the new UNC head football coach, this book is one every UNC football fan will want to own.  Cost is $10.00

It is on sale at the following locations:

UNC Student Stores
Johnny T- Shirt
The Shrunken Head
Sutton's Drugstore
Top of the Hill Restaurant

It can also be purchased by calling 800-554-6862

or online at

For more information, you can contact Lee Pace at

101-Aberdeen Street
Chapel Hill, NC 27516

or by emailing Lee at

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