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Proximity Appeals to 2018 Four-Star K.J. Henry

UNC at a "good spot" for K.J. Henry.

CLEMMONS, N.C. --- NCAA rules restrict how often recruiters can contact juniors. Accordingly, North Carolina has had limited contact with K.J. Henry. But, no such restrictions are placed on Henry's close friend/current Tar Heel Jalen Dalton.

"He tells me that he's having a good time at Carolina," Henry said. "Most of all, he just likes being near home -- being able to drive home whenever he wants, I think that's what he likes the most."

Proximity to family is an attribute that also appeals to Henry, a 6-foot-6, 217-pound defensive end from West Forsyth High.

"Definitely," Henry said. "[Attending college close to home] is not a bad thing at all. Knowing that my parents will be close and can watch me definitely plays into Carolina's favor. That's a bonus point.

"But then again, you have to give every school a chance."

Case in point: Henry spent the summer months visiting schools outside of NC. Those travels brought him to Alabama, Georgia, Louisville, LSU, Ohio State, and South Carolina.

"I went to each place and looked at their academics, the success that each team's had, what the kids say about the coaches, and just what the program is moving towards," Henry said. "That's just about what I look at at every school."

West Forsyth opened up preseason practice on Monday. Thus, Henry's focus is on his upcoming junior season. However, he does plan to resume with his recruiting trips this fall -- he's just not exactly sure of any destinations.

"I think these next couple of weeks, [determining where I'll visit this fall] is what I'll sit down and do," Henry said.

Henry, who last visited UNC for its spring game in April and also attended a football game last fall, says he is definitely considering returning to Chapel Hill for a game this season.

"I'm not going to try to leave every weekend just to see somebody play," Henry said. "But, I'll try to get back and see [UNC] this fall."

With the recent addition of Michigan, Henry's scholarship count is creeping closer to 30.

"I think as the season goes on, as I do visit those colleges, I'll try to narrow down my list to the schools I like the most," Henry said. "Hopefully, sometime next season -- either the beginning or the end -- I'll try to make my decision."

Heading into that consequential stretch, UNC is positioned well for Henry.

"I think they're at a good spot," Henry said. "Nobody is No. 1 in my mind. But, like I said, with them being close to home and a good team, it's good for them."

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