UNC Commit Rechon Black Takes On Recruiting Role

Future Tar Heel taking the lead for UNC's 2018 class.

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – Rechon "Leaky" Black is focused on transforming both his body and game before he arrives in Chapel Hill in 2018. The 6-7 guard is also focused on his role as a UNC recruiter.

Playing alongside UNC’s top 2018 target in junior forward Zion Williamson at Adidas Nations, Black made the most of his opportunity.

“He’s like a little big brother to me,” said Black about Williamson. “He’s been in my room, since the time I got here almost the entire time. We’ve just been cracking jokes, talking recruiting, things like that. I think we have a good shot at him.

“Honestly, I like playing with guys like that. He doesn’t care about how many he scores. They just do their job, doesn’t care about stats. He’s that kind of player. Does the dirty work. Hustles, and I can obviously lob it up to him.”

Williamson confirmed Black’s recruiting efforts, and said he’s echoing the message that he’s hearing from the Tar Heels’ head coach.

“He’s been in my ear a lot,” Williamson said of Black. “He wants me to commit now. He’s saying that coming to North Carolina is like joining a family. Roy Williams told me the same thing that North Carolina is a family.”

Black was the first UNC commitment in the 2018 class, but now he has company in junior guard Coby White, who committed a week ago.

“I’ve definitely been talking to him,” Black said about White. “Before he got the offer, me and Coach Robinson had been talking to him. He’s just a good dude. I didn’t know he was going to commit. He texted me and said something that opened my eye and had me wondering if he was going to commit and then 10 minutes later he committed. I said ‘Congrats.’ He’s like a little brother to me. We’ve definitely gotten closer since he committed.”

While at Adidas Nations, Black got one more chance to test himself against the best players in the country. Like the spring and summer AAU season, he had his ups and downs playing against older and more physical players as he averaged 5.8 points and 2.6 rebounds per game.

“It’s been a very good experience,” said Black. “Playing against some guys that I thought I would never get a chance to play against since they are on (other shoe circuits) -- DeAndre Ayton and Trevon Duval.”

In his third game of the tournament, Black was matched up with Duval on both sides of the ball and one play in particular served as a microcosm of Black’s travel basketball season. Guarding Duval at the top of the key, the top point guard in the country attempted one of his go-to, right-to-left crossovers. Black used his length to steal the ball and start a one-man fast break. Instead of finishing the play off with a dunk, Black slipped upon take-off and had his shot blocked out of bounds by a trailing Duval.

“I took it, I mean I had to pick it up on the defensive end,” said Black. “I didn’t want to get embarrassed, but it was a really good experience playing against them. I mean their whole team is five-stars, an 11-deep five-star team which is kind of crazy.”

With the travel season finished, Black had some time to reflect on his summer.

“I’ve actually only been home about a total of three days this summer,” said Black. “It’s been a good experience. From start to finish I got physically and mentally stronger, so next year it might be a little easier for me. I need to work on my all around game. Everything needs improvement. I need to be more aggressive at times, but really just my overall game.”

Black begins new student orientation on August 15 at his new school - Montverde (Fla.) Academy - as he looks to carve out his niche on one of the top high school programs in the country.

“I just want to be the best I can be,” he said. “Reach my full potential. I think it will be a good experience to get ready for college. It’s definitely not something I saw myself doing. Everyone in my family has been through Concord. My dad’s been through Concord, my mom’s been the Principal for so long. I never saw myself leaving Concord, but I have to do what’s best for my immediate family.”

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