Dustin Fry Interview

Mark Ellington, a football recruiting analyst with Inside Carolina, chats with Mt. Pleasant, S.C. (Summerville) OL Dustin Fry.

Height: 6-3
Weight: 300
Position: OL/NG/DT
BP: 420
Squat: 625
40-time: 4.98
Pancake Blocks: 28 through 3 games this year
Offers: Clemson, SCAR, UNC, Wake, MD, (Auburn offer coming soon)
Favorites: Clem, SCAR, UNC, TN
Official Visits: None scheduled yet

Inside Carolina – Dustin, who is recruiting you the hardest?
Dustin Fry - Probably Clemson.

IC – I noticed you play both offense and defense. Which position do you prefer?
Fry – I like playing offensive line.

IC – How often are you getting calls?
Fry – I get calls once or twice per day.

IC – What is the most important things to you in selecting a school?
Fry – Academics are important because I would like to be able to get a good job if I can't make it in the NFL. I would also like to play for a team that will win consistently because I hate losing.

IC – Did you have a favorite team growing up?
Fry – Not really. My dad was in the military (retired Navy cryptologist) so we moved around a lot. I kind of liked Penn State and Joe Paterno when I was a kid.

IC – What do you like best about football?
Fry – I really don't like practicing that much but I love the games on Friday nights. I love it when the lights are on and it's a cool autumn evening with 10,000 cheering fans.

IC – Does your team normally draw 10,000 fans?
Fry – We draw between 8,000 and 9,000 fans for big games like against our rivals Stratford

IC – Have you played Stratford yet?
Fry – Yes, we lost to them last week.

IC – Did you notice a player by the name of Moe Thompson? He is another player being recruited by UNC.
Fry – Yes, that guy is an athlete.

IC – Was Chase Page on your HS team last year?
Fry – Yes, he is one of my best friends.

IC – Has he ever told you how he likes UNC?
Fry – He really likes it. He says the campus is really nice and he likes the coaches. We e-mail back and forth about three times a week. I am about 80% sure that I am going to the UNC/FSU game on an unofficial visit this weekend.

IC – You plan on visiting Chase some?
Fry – Yes. He told me the staff has moved him around position wise. He started out as a TE and now they have moved him to OL.

IC – We had heard that the assistant coaches were fighting over him. I think the defensive coaches would like him on DL.
Fry – He told me that too.

IC – What do you like about UNC?
Fry – I would like to play with Chase. I also have some family members that live in NC (around Mt. Gilead/Albemarle area and Davidson). I also am looking forward to seeing the school and campus.

IC – Is there anything that you do not like?
Fry – I would like to wait until I visit before I draw any negative conclusions.

IC – What advice has your coach given you regarding recruiting?
Fry – He told me take my time. Take all my visits and enjoy myself on my trips. He also said not to burn any bridges. You never know when you might be injured and a smaller school could be my best opportunity.

IC – Do your parents have a preference where you play?
Fry – No, not really.

IC – Who do most people pull for where you live?
Fry – It's pretty evenly split between SCAR and Clemson.

IC – Do you get any pressure to choose a particular school?
Fry – No. Sometimes an older fan will point to a Clemson cushion or SCAR shirt and say something like "remember us on signing day" but it is not bad.

IC – Do you have a specific major in mind?
Fry – Maybe business but I'm not sure yet.

IC – You also wrestle. How did you do last year?
Fry – I was the state champion for the heavyweight division (275 lb. and up).

IC – Do you plan to try to wrestle in college?
Fry – I think it is too hard to wrestle and play football. I plan on focusing on football.

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