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Elite 24: Tar Heel Family Appeals to Zion Williamson

NEW YORK --- Zion Williamson is taking some hardware back to South Carolina after a stellar Elite 24 week. The 2018 standout won the dunk contest and then earned co-MVP honors of the game. He spoke about his recruitment after putting an exclamation point on an unforgettable summer.

When you’re at your best, how do you see your game?
When I’m at my best I see it as taking the game over. Getting a rebound and taking it coast to coast or getting a rebound and finding my open man. Beating my man off the dribble or if I have a mismatch because of weight, I’ll post him up. It’s an all around game.

You have a unique game, how do you think you’ve progressed?
My freshman year I was 6-3 and playing shooting guard most of the time. Then over the summer I went from 6-3 to 6-7 and I picked up a lot of weight. So I had to transition from a two to a three or four.

Recruiting wise, how are things going?
I think I had five scholarship offers at the beginning of the summer. But this summer I feel like I had ... my best summer and I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Now I’m up to 32 scholarship offers. Recruiting wise, I feel like everything is going well.

Did you see that coming?
No sir. I didn’t see it coming.

Which schools do you think are prioritizing you? Who is telling you, that you’re their guy?
I feel like Arizona, Oregon, North Carolina, South Carolina, Clemson and NC State. I feel like those schools are telling me I’m the man.

Is there anyone that sticks out to you or anyone you have an affinity for and like?
I’d say Arizona because they are across the country and they’ve had Aaron Gordon. I have similar athleticism, but not like him. Then they had Stanley Johnson. I liked the way they used those two, so they stick out to me.

What’s Arizona’s pitch been to you? Have they compared you to Gordon?
They say I have a similar game to him. They said they want to develop my game to where I’m a three because at 6-7 they said it can work in the NBA, but I’m going to be a three if I go pro.

What’s UNC’s interest been like with you?
They text me every day. They text me how things are going and ask how I’m doing in school. I like it. It’s almost like a family with North Carolina.

Have you talked to Roy Williams much?
I’ve talked to Roy Williams a lot.

How is your relationship with him?
We have a strong relationship. It’s almost like a second dad or an uncle.

What’s your take on UNC?
They always talk about family and that’s what I love about them the most. Everything is family. They said if I come to North Carolina I’m North Carolina for life. Everything is family.

Have you thought about taking fall visits anywhere?
I plan on taking visits to Clemson, South Carolina, NC State, North Carolina during football season because they are around. I’m going to try and take one to Arizona and Oregon maybe during basketball season so I can watch their team.

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