UNC Schedules In-Home Visit With Kevin Knox

Top 10 recruit remains in regular communication with Roy Williams.

For just a few weeks, Kevin Knox can do what a lot of normal 17-year-olds do.

Go to the movies. Watch football games. Sleep in. Play video games. Do homework.

It’s all part of a strategy implemented by his father, Kevin Knox Sr.

“There’s a four-letter word that we are applying right now and it’s called rest,” Knox Sr. said. “Kevin has been on the go since a run to the final four in the Florida state championships. He’s been to Spain, Georgia, Florida, New York and Los Angeles without any breaks.”

While his body rests, Knox’s mind has been doing a lot of thinking about his future. What kind of team fits him best? With what coach does he have the best relationship? When should he commit?

Those answers are starting to get more clearly defined. Knox plans to commit and sign in the spring.

“He said he wants to take his time,” explained Knox Sr. “There’s no big rush. It’s a very important decision and he said to me, ‘Dad I just want to take my time.’”

The Knox family will begin entertaining coaches at its home in Tampa next week.

“We’ve got Kentucky coming in on Sept. 9,” Knox Sr. said. “We have Duke on Sept. 12, North Carolina on Sept. 14 and Florida State on Sept. 15. We don’t have any officials set up yet. “

“A lot of schools are basically posturing for position,” he continued. “If he already knows he’s going to commit in the spring, they’re asking themselves ‘do we really want to see him in September and he’s not deciding until later?’ They allow seven home visits and I think you’ll Roy Williams in our house seven times before he makes his decision.”

Knox Sr. said he receives calls from Williams a few times each month, while his son talks to Williams once per week. During those conversations, Knox Sr. feels UNC has validated the comparisons he’s made between Knox and other UNC players.

“In the beginning I made the analogy that he is a combination of Marcus Paige, Justin Jackson and Brice Johnson,” explained Knox Sr. “I think now, more than anything, they’re beginning to see it. That’s who Kevin Knox is.”

Because of his lofty status and the elite programs recruiting him, Knox’s name often gets associated with so-called “package deals. He could end up with other top players at a big-name school, but going to school with other top players isn’t a necessity.

“When I asked him that question, he said ‘I don’t do package deals. I’m my own person,” Knox Sr.  “I looked at him and said ‘Good for you, son.’ We’re not in for the package deal, none of his friends are going to do his work for him or pay his bills. You want to go to the best school… ain’t no need talking about a package deal. If people happen to be there, great, and if someone wants to come along with you, great, but you’re going to make your own decision.”

When that decision comes, comfort level with the coaching staff and style of play will be key for the Knox family.

“Right now, we’re really, really big on up-tempo basketball,” said Knox Sr. “We’re really looking for a point guard that wants to pass the ball, move the ball. Not necessarily a clear out for this guy and let him go to work or do 1-on-1. I’m not looking (for Kevin) to go to a place where there’s an Allen Iverson point guard, and he’s one of the greatest.  We’re looking for an offense where the point guard is running the show and getting the wings involved and basically distributing the basketball.”


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