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UNC's Larry Fedora Live: QB Communication

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. – Football is all about communication, especially for the quarterback.

Not only does this player need to be able to communicate with his offensive teammates, but he also needs to be on the same page as his coaches. That is where UNC junior quarterback Mitch Trubisky may have grown the most since he arrived in Chapel Hill, according to head coach Larry Fedora.

“He knows what he’s looking for,” Fedora said on his radio show on Tuesday night. “When (quarterbacks coach Keith Heckendorf) asks a question, the answer is out of Mitch’s mouth before the question even gets out of Heck’s mouth.”

The brain trust that meets often in the quarterbacks room at the Kenan Football Center works to ensure accuracy not only in play calls and defensive alignments, but also in the preferred approach in attacking certain looks. From there proper terminology comes into play.

“(Heck) talks all the time about ‘hey, speak my language,’” Fedora said. “The terminology that they use, like when he asks a question, he wants it in his language, not their language.”

While Fedora stresses the importance of his quarterbacks’ relationship with their position coach, his personal comfort level is equally as important.

“I’m in the quarterback meeting every day so I’m around them a lot,” Fedora said. “I couldn’t do it any other way. I’ve got to know how that guy thinks and he’s got to know how I think and what I expect out of him. To do that, I’ve got to be around him a bunch.”

Constantly being around Trubisky for the past two years has helped Fedora learn more about his starting quarterback and gain confidence in the player that will be directing his offense this fall.

“Mitch is more cerebral, serious, thinking all the time, doesn’t really show a lot of emotion,” Fedora said.


Any opening games that have stuck with you through your career?
“This is the only opening game we’ve got. I really don’t dwell on games in the past… There all plays and things that happen. I do remember all those plays and things but all you do is learn from those things, move forward, and be better the next time around.”

What are you most excited about for the start of the season?
“I’m most excited about finding out what this 2016 team is all about. I know what kind of leadership we have, I know what kind of chemistry we have, I know how hard we work, I know what they’ve done in preparation. But until we have some adversity, until we have some hard times it will be tough to determine what this team is about.”

What are your thoughts on former player Brennan Williams signing with the WWE?
“The first year I was there I knew Brennan was going to be a wrestler, no doubt. He’s out there…. I haven’t talked to him since he signed that contract, but he came by with his wife and baby this last spring and he was doing really well. He was excited about the opportunity because that was his dream. He wanted to play in the NFL, he did, and his long term dream was to be a professional wrestler.”

Who on the current roster could most likely become a professional wrestler?
“R.J. Prince. He’s got that look in his eye.”

On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love Naz Jones? (question sent in by Naz Jones)
“10 doesn’t go high enough. I love all of our guys but Naz especially. If you knew what Naz went through before he got here, it was a very scary situation for him and I’m so proud of him and what he’s accomplished.”

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