ICTV Film Room: Mitch Trubisky to Ryan Switzer on 4th Down

Quarterback Mitch Trubisky finds senior slot receiver Ryan Switzer to keep the game-winning drive alive against Pittsburgh.

North Carolina's last-second comeback drive against Pitt featured three fourth down conversions—all through the air—none more clutch than this throw from Mitch Trubisky to Ryan Switzer.

What is so impressive here is that Trubisky not only makes a tight-window throw that takes tremendous confidence, anticipation, and accuracy to make, but he makes that throw off his back foot with a rusher in his chest. This is an NFL throw and an NFL route and catch, and without either one, Carolina doesn't beat Pitt on Saturday.

Inside Carolina's Jason Staples takes you inside the ICTV GIF film room for a closer look.


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