Brandon Huffman

UNC Basketball Commitment Q&A: Brandon Huffman

After committing to Roy Williams during a Monday meeting, Brandon Huffman talked to Inside Carolina about his decision and future as a Tar Heel.

Why North Carolina?

It's home. It's real comfortable. They're a top-five program, a blue blood. They're a top-five school ever. They're in the best conference, I like their style of play and I think I fit their system really well, and I like Roy as a coach. He has a good history. I'm really excited. It's a great day to be a Tar Heel.

When did you decide you were going to North Carolina?

Probably as soon as I cancelled my USC visit. At that point I had the five or so schools I was looking into and I was on UNC's campus the weekend before USC. By the time I decided I wanted to commit, I asked my dad if I could cancel the visit and he told me he wanted me to go ahead and go. Then they got a commitment from a guy at my position, so I think that kind of sealed it. I knew UNC is what I wanted and I didn't want to wait any longer.

How did today's meeting happen?

Roy had already planned on coming over to watch us workout and express his interest since he's so close. By the time me, my dad and Coach (Brian) Clifton had talked and knew what we planned to do, we got him to come a little bit early.

Why did you decide to commit in front of your teammates?

Me and Coach Clifton had just been talking about it and I figured that was probably the best way. We went over a couple different things we could do. Coach Clifton wanted them all in there, and I said 'that's good for me.' So that's the way it ended up going. Some of them knew what was happening and others thought they were just excused from class and going to Coach's office.

What was Coach Williams's reaction like after you told him you were committing?

It was crazy. All my teammates were there smiling in the room and he looked a little bit puzzled at first. He saw all those guys in there and I'm sure that's not what he expected. I told him that I'd be coming and everything. He got right up and we all started jumping around and screaming in the room and he hugged me. He said how excited he was and he said 'that's one nice surprise' because he didn't expect me to make that move this early.

A lot of people thought you might commit immediately after being offered. Why did you wait?

Honestly, I'm not really the type of guy to jump into stuff too quick. I, personally, if I hadn't gotten North Carolina when I got it I'd still be undecided. I was planning on taking all my visits. I was looking over things, I got on campus, I was hearing what Coach Roy was saying and I didn't see any (reason) in waiting. Me and my people are real thorough with decisions, that's just how we are. If I didn't have the perfect situation to look into, I'd still be undecided. 

How does he see you fitting in at North Carolina?

He says I'm a traditional big, kind of a dying breed type. They play a fast-paced game and they look to pass to their bigs a lot. He says I have what it takes - the blueprint to be great. He said everything I don't have, he can help me get.

What do you think you don't have right now?

I'm raw as a player if you ask me, like my whole game is pretty raw. I think what he was saying is true. I think I have the blueprint to be great, but I need more work. I can play in a fast-paced system, but if you slow things down I need more work. My basketball IQ needs to get better, and I think my hands and feet can get better too. I've seen the types of bigs he coaches and I fit in as one of them, but there's a lot of things those guys can do that I can't yet do. I trust him enough that he'll get me right and help me develop into what he wants me to be.

What's your relationship like with UNC's 2017 and 2018 commits?

Coby (White) is a close friend of mine, we're almost like cousins. We're from the same city (Goldsboro) and everything. I talked to him and his folks and they're just excited. I haven't spoken with Leaky yet, but his dad called and I've got to call him back. As soon as I have a chance to get in contact with Jalek I'm gonna go ahead and do that. I know him pretty well because he played for Team Loaded N.C. during one event and we played against them in Myrtle Beach. I've come to know him pretty well.


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