2018 Center David McCormack Makes Return Trip To UNC

The Va. native, who is now at Oak Hill Academy, played pickup with the Tar Heel team.

David McCormack used his second unofficial visit to North Carolina as a measuring stick.

Few teams in the country, let alone the ACC, can match UNC’s post trio of seniors Isaiah Hicks, Kennedy Meeks and freshman Tony Bradley. Add in former All-American Tyler Hansbrough and the competition McCormack - a high school junior - faced during pickup games at UNC on Sept. 24 was similar to what he’ll face in college.

How did the 6-10, 280-pound center fare? Pretty well, he believes.

“I sat out the first game just to get warmed up and stretched out,” McCormack said. “I think I definitely held my own. Being the same size and body mass as those guys, I felt like I did well playing against grown men and pros. Playing against Isaiah (Hicks), (Kennedy) Meeks and Tyler Hansbrough definitely benefited my game.”

Though teams changed throughout the evening, McCormack was most often teamed with Hicks, 2019 target Wendell Moore, freshman wing Brandon Robinson and senior guard Stilman White.

“There was definitely a lot of energy at the games and at the football game during the first quarter,” explained McCormack. “I think the games gave me an opportunity to develop my skills, playing against stretch fours and things like that. I on some occasions had (junior forward) Justin Jackson on me. It just helps me build my bag of tricks to do different things against different types of players.

"My favorite moment… there was a time on a screen and roll where (Kennedy) Meeks set the screen,” McCormack continued. “I was sagging a little bit to give room for help defense. He went up and, I wouldn’t say I annihilated his shot, but it was a pretty decent block.”

McCormack, who this week enrolled at Mouth of Wilson (Va.) Oak Hill Academy, was accompanied by his mother, aunt and AAU coach Rodney Gore during his UNC visit.

“We talked to an academic advisor about how she runs the study hall and the tutoring program,” said McCormack. “She showed me what the career I would want to pursue at Carolina, sports broadcasting, looked like and was explaining to me the networks they have access to because of their journalism school and alumni association.”

Assistant C.B. McGrath told McCormack that Carolina will be up to see him “very soon.”

“I think they have high interest in me,” McCormack said. “Talking to the assistants they seem very interested. It was hard to talk to Coach (Roy) Williams. He’s a well-respected and well-known man so he was being pulled in a bunch of different directions. The team seems to like me and they were easy to gel with. It’s a great and well-known school for players who want to be pros and has high academics also.”

McCormack holds offers from Villanova, Texas, Florida State, Kansas, Miami, Maryland, Georgetown, Baylor, Pittsburgh and N.C. State.

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