ICTV Film Room: UNC WR Thomas Jackson Touchdown vs FSU

Former walk-on Thomas Jackson takes a fourth-quarter reception past two FSU defenders and tiptoes down the sidelines for a touchdown.

UNC's offense moved the football almost at will against a talented Florida State defense on Saturday, capped by this go-ahead touchdown late in the fourth quarter. This play highlights how Carolina gashed the Seminoles all day.

This is a basic RPO concept out of a stacked WR set. Trubisky's read here requires that he count the number of defenders in the box. If there are five guys in the box, then he hands the ball to Logan here, as five blockers plus Logan gives the offense a numbers advantage. If there are six in the box, as there are here, then he picks the side with the best two-on-two matchup and throws the smoke screen, which is what he does here.

Jackson makes an excellent move on a lazy tackle effort by FSU cornerback Tarvares McFadden, and then it’s off to the races for a go-ahead score late.

Take a closer look with this ICTV GIF Film Room segment.

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