ICTV Film Room: Mack Hollins Touchdown

Midway through the third quarter against FSU Mitch Trubisky connected with Mack Hollins resulting in a 15-yard touchdown capped by a dive for the pylon.

This second-half touchdown from Mitch Trubisky to Mack Hollins on third and nine was critical to North Carolina's win over Florida State on Saturday, giving the Heels just enough of a cushion to withstand FSU's second-half onslaught.

The Carolina offensive line, H-Back, and RB do a great job picking up the blitz, while Hollins and Trubisky took advantage of poor technique and too much respect for Hollins’ speed on the part of FSU cornerback Tarvares McFadden for a routine throw-and-catch conversion that Hollins then turned into a touchdown.

Inside Carolina's Jason Staples takes you inside the ICTV GIF film room for a closer look at the play.

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