ICTV Film Room: Logan Stopped On Fourth Down

Virginia Tech made a defensive adjustment to neutralize a play that had worked earlier.

North Carolina's offense found some rhythm on its first drive, gaining as many yards on its first three plays as its next 15 plays combined. That drive, however, ended by Carolina getting stuffed on third and fourth and one in a sequence that completely changed the momentum and had a major impact on the outcome of the game.

We looked at the third down play on the last video, so we'll look at the fourth down play here. This was actually the same play Carolina had just run with success on second down, but the play was doomed by a poor zone step from an offensive guard and a subtle change made by Virginia Tech inside that affected Carolina's communication on the offensive interior.

This play highlights many of the problems Carolina has been having in the running game so far this year, as the left guard and center do not work seamlessly together, the right guard takes a poor step, and then without Hood in the game, Logan doesn't have the power to make something out of nothing on this play. Ultimately, these are the sorts of things Carolina desperately needs to clean up before facing a very good Miami defensive front this weekend.

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