Paulus sets timetable

As Greg Paulus enters the football phase of his year, it's impossible for him not to think about hoops. The junior point guard has set a timetable for his decision.

Greg Paulus' recruitment has led him down a path where an early decision is imminent. At this point, Paulus still lists five schools and there's a clear timetable for when he would like to decide.

His first football game of the year is Sept. 5. The plan is for him to either decide prior to the first game or should he not decide, then he'd wait until the end of the season to revisit the topic.

"Well, it's either going to be during the football season or after the football season because we don't need any distractions during the football season," Paulus said. "I'm not going to distract the team with what I'm doing. I won't be selfish like that."

Duke, Notre Dame, North Carolina, Xavier and Syracuse are in the mix. Paulus won't say who leads but if informed speculation holds true, Syracuse is on the outside looking in, essentially reducing the list to four.

Paulus does give one hint as to the realistic number of teams involved. "Two that have been the most consistent [on my list] but three on the overall whole." He says that in his mind, the leader has changed just one time during his recruitment.

The junior has done a nice job of keeping this one close to the vest. Though he's a prospect in two sports, Paulus said that he doesn't want to "jeopardize being a point guard." Translation: he's not playing football in college.

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