2005: Tyler Hansbrough

Tyler Hansbrough did work as a sophomore in high school to the tune of 19 points and 9 rebounds. However, it almost paled in comparison to what he was able to do in the summer.

Right now, there aren't five juniors in the country better than Tyler Hansbrough, a power forward out of Missouri. From his effort at the Nike Hoop Jamboree to the All-American Camp to strong finishes at the Peach Jam and AAU Nationals, Hansbrough was one of the summer's biggest risers.

The 6-8 Hansbrough has earned a reputation as a legitimate tough guy on the circuit. He plays with tenacity, intensity and is one of the most competitive players to come along the past few seasons.

Ask him if he enjoyed the summer and his answer is simple. "I loved it," Hansbrough said. "The Peach Jam was the best. There were so many teams and there wasn't any garbage teams. You had to bring it every game to win. Anybody could have won."

Hansbrough's St. Louis Eagles team didn't win it. But the junior did have a memorable battle with senior Ra'Sean Dickey (see shot chart). By the time the Peach Jam rolled around, Hansbrough was filling the seats with big time head coaches. He drew amazing crowds for an underclassman.

His success continued at the AAU Nationals. More coaches, more wins and he never let up in the intensity department. Each time out he was the same, intense, motivated guy. By the end of the summer he had made a tremendous impression on onlookers.

"I learned [this summer] to be confident and don't get scared of anyone. Go hard and never give up."

He also learned to pay attention. Hansbrough remembers who was in the stands in July and says that's going to have a major impact on who can get involved with him. "I don't want to go to a school where I'm the second option. I want to go where they want me and they make it obvious."

Hansbrough has a litany of schools interested in him. He relayed a list of Florida, North Carolina, Duke, Michigan State, Arizona and Illinois as programs he likes a lot early. However, the forward said that he does favor Florida, UNC and Duke at this juncture, though he's only been on one of those campuses and that was an unofficial to Florida.

"I kind of want to check out all of the schools that are recruiting me and see where I can fit in the best. Find out who can put me into the NBA and develop and make me the best player I can be. I want to get along with the teammates and the coaches."

Kansas, Missouri, Wake Forest, Iowa, Oklahoma, UCLA, Louisville, Kentucky and Iowa are also trying to recruit him.

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