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Jarred Vanderbilt on UNC Visit: 'They Set The Bar Really High'

Upon returning to Houston on Sunday evening, Jarred Vanderbilt talked to Inside Carolina about his official visit weekend in Chapel Hill.

First reactions to the visit - how was it?
It was great. Their presentation was good, it was very informative. And I think they set the bar really high considering they were my first official visit. ... It was scheduled and it was very organized. They seemed very organized and I liked that about them.

When you got a chance to sit down with Roy Williams, what did he say? What was his overall pitch?
He said they really wanted me, that I would really be able to excel in their system, and that he really wanted to coach me. They’re a transition team and he felt like those are some of my best attributes.

What did you think about Late Night?
It was great. I’ve been to other 'Madness' events, but that one was a little different. The other ones I’ve been to were mainly just basketball, but with theirs it seemed like they did stuff other than basketball like dancing and stuff – activities to show the players’ personalities. It was great. The atmosphere was great. The fans were great. It was a good time.

Walk me through the trip, what all did you do while you were in town?
We went to the museum, to show us the history. We toured the whole school – the dorms, went to some classrooms, saw how the guys’ everyday life is. We watched a couple practices. And then it was hanging out with the guys, getting a chance to talk to them. I talked to some freshmen and to the seniors to see the differences.

Who was your host?
My main host was Justin Jackson, but we pretty much were with all of them. Me and Sterling, both of us hung out with the whole team.

Did you know Justin prior, as you’re both from the Houston area and both played for Houston Hoops?
I knew him prior, we actually played him in school ball my freshman year when he was a senior. I also knew him from the Hoops organization.

You said they set the bar high, what did they do to set it so high for the next visits you take?
The presentation – they delivered it well. They had everything down pat. It was what they had to offer. And they have a lot of history behind the program. All that stuff plays a factor in my decision. They had a good brotherhood, a good coach-player relationship. And from watching the practices it looks like those guys have really bought in.

What did you think of the new locker room they’re finishing up there?
It was nice – it was really nice. Especially the Jordan shoe collection.

Did UNC push you to make a decision this weekend?
They actually encouraged me to take my time, take other visits, evaluate, but keep them as a top priority.

Was there anything you learned about Carolina that you maybe didn’t know going in?
I knew about the history, but when I went to the museum you got to see a lot more that the average person wouldn’t know if you didn’t look it up. I learned a lot more about the history and learned more about the players as well, and about Roy himself just by sitting down with him. We had meetings, dinners, met with his family and the assistant coaches’ families and got to learn more about them as well. It was a great time.


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