ICTV Film Room: Carney Sack, Kaaya Fumble

Late in the fourth quarter against the Miami Hurricanes the North Carolina defense seals the victory with a sack, strip, and fumble recovery.

We talk a lot about Xs and Os on this segment, but football often comes down to one guy beating the guy across from him regardless of scheme. That was certainly the case with Malik Carney's strip sack of Brad Kayaa that sealed North Carolina's win over Miami.

This was obviously a huge play for Carolina's season, and it's a hopeful indicator for the future, as one element the Heels have lacked in recent years is a top notch pass rush on the defensive line. When young guys like Carney are starting to make plays like this, it's a good sign for the future.

Let's go inside the ICTV GIF film room for a closer look.

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