Q&A with Darian Durant

At Tuesday's football media press conference, John Bunting announced plans to get Darian Durant into the UNC-FSU football game early on. Inside Carolina's J.B. Cissell caught up with Darian Durant to get his thoughts on the situation.

John Bunting:

"We're not completely settled on it, but Darian (Durant) will get into the ball game earlier than he has. There's a plan for it, as opposed to previously when there was no plan for Darian to get into the game. Now there is a plan to get in the game. It's not specific right now, but he's going to get into the game early.

"What we want to try to do is find out if Darian can get in the game earlier and spark our offense. We feel as if when he has been in the game he has been able to make a play or two to help us offensively. We feel like he's earned that opportunity to get in the game earlier to see if he can spark the offense. At the same time, I want to give Ronald every opportunity to continue to play well, play better and see if he can help spark our offense.

Darian Durant

When did coach bring you and Ronald in to tell you about his plan?

Last week—I forget what day it was—going into the SMU game, he called us in and told us that he was going to make a little change and try to get me in a little earlier.

What was your reaction?

I was excited because I felt like I've worked hard throughout the off-season and during the season, and sooner or later I deserved a chance to play if I did something once I got in the game.

Do you think Coach Bunting wants to see how you react in a situation when the game is really on the line, and are you interested to see how you react?

Oh yeah, because every game I've been in has been pretty much over with when I got in—except in the Maryland game. I hear things about how defenses aren't fresh and that's why I succeed, so this will be a test for me to see how I play against a fresh defense—a defense that is flying around.

Are you surprised that Ronald has struggled as much as he has?

Yeah, because going through pre-season camp and at the beginning of the season, he looked pretty good. I had no idea that things would come down to this. It surprises me a lot to see him struggling like he is now.

How do you feel about the two series on and two series off? Will it be hard to find a rhythm?

I think so. I think that if either one of us starts to get into a rhythm that coach will disregard the two-series thing and let whoever is playing good at the time continue to play.

It looks like the offense as a whole responds differently when you are on the field, as opposed to when Ronald is on the field. I don't know that anyone has put a finger on exactly why. Do you see that?

A little bit. I can't answer why that happens, but I notice it. And I feel bad because I want them to give Ronald the same kind of effort that they give me. I notice it, but hey, there's nothing I can do about it.

Last year after spring ball, did you think you'd be challenging Ronald Curry for the starting spot?

I had no idea. My main goal was to be the number two guy. I think I put in a lot of hard work in the off-season, and it's paying off at this point.

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