Q&A with Ronald Curry

At Tuesday's football media press conference, John Bunting announced plans to get Darian Durant into the UNC-FSU football game early on. Inside Carolina's J.B. Cissell caught up with Ronald Curry to get his thoughts on the situation.

John Bunting:

"We're not completely settled on it, but Darian (Durant) will get into the ball game earlier than he has. There's a plan for it, as opposed to previously when there was no plan for Darian to get into the game. Now there is a plan to get in the game. It's not specific right now, but he's going to get into the game early.

"What we want to try to do is find out if Darian can get in the game earlier and spark our offense. We feel as if when he has been in the game he has been able to make a play or two to help us offensively. We feel like he's earned that opportunity to get in the game earlier to see if he can spark the offense. At the same time, I want to give Ronald every opportunity to continue to play well, play better and see if he can help spark our offense.

Ronald Curry

Coach Bunting told us that he's planning on getting Darian in the game. How did he talk to you about it, and what did you feel like?

He brought both of us in the room and told us at the same time that he was looking to get Darian in the game early—I'll play two series, he'll play two series, and we'll see how it goes.

How do you feel about that?

I feel like it's the coach's decision. It kind of makes me feel like he is—not really pointing a finger at me—giving me some of the blame. That's about it. He's basically telling me that I didn't really get the job done

If you go out there and score two touchdowns in the first two drives, do you feel like you'll still be in there, or do you still feel like they'll juggle things around?

I feel like they'll still juggle things around. It's going to be hard to get into a good flow—especially against a team like Florida State. You're first two series may not be the greatest series, but that third and fourth one may be the one.

It's going to be hard for me to get into a rhythm, and it may be hard for Durant to get into a rhythm, but, like I said, it's the coach's decision.

I can remember going through it my freshman year. For me, I couldn't ever really get into [the flow] of the games. My best games were when Oscar didn't play. Like I said, it's the coach's decision. I'm going to have to roll with the punches.

Does it create more competition than there was at the position, or not?

I'm going to do what I do regardless of if someone is behind me or not. Just being out there and playing is enough competion for me—trying to defeat the team and defeat the defense. That's competition in itself, and I don't need a guy behind me for my position to create competition. If that's what he's trying to do, it's not going to bring anything out of me that he hasn't been getting.

How have you been practicing the last couple of weeks?

I think my last three weeks have been real well. I 've been throwing the ball well for the last couple of weeks.

Have the coaches talked to you about how the second half might play, depending on how each of you do?

No, he just told me about the two-two each. That was it. I get two series, he gets two series, and we'll see how that goes. If my two series are better than his, they might not stick with his, or if his are better than mine, you never know. It's the coach's decision. Obviously, my production is not where it needs to be, and that's that.

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