ICTV Film Room: UNC's Defense of UVa Fake FG

The Virginia Cavaliers shifted to an uncommon formation and pass for their first score of the game.

For our first film session this week, we'll take a look at the fake field goal Virginia used to score their first touchdown on a throwback to the snapper. This is a version the swinging gate formation in which the majority of the team—including every player lined up on the line of scrimmage except the snapper—is lined up on one side of the field.

Most of the time, the Swinging Gate formation is designed to get a quick screen to the heavy side, but in this case this is designed to be a pass all the way. The key here is that because there is no one on the line of scrimmage lined up outside the snapper, he is an eligible receiver, as are both of the players lined up wide to the right since they're off the line.

Carolina seems to have been prepared for this look and actually lines up properly against this formation, but a single blown assignment led to the touchdown.  

"We had prepared for it," Larry Fedora said. "Our guys in practice knew exactly what was going to happen and one guy just didn’t get it done."

Let's go inside the ICTV GIF film room for a closer look.

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