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The Weekly UNC Basketball Recruiting Scoop: Secret Scrimmage Report

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North Carolina’s first chance to play against another team isn’t Friday’s exhibition against UNCP. On Saturday, Oct. 29, the Tar Heels traveled to Tennessee for a “secret scrimmage” against Memphis.

It’s been commonly referred to as “secret” because NCAA rules dictate that while teams can replace one of their two allowed exhibition games with a DI opponent, it must be closed to the public and media. The only ones allowed to attend are the players, coaches, game officials, and what the NCAA deems as “essential personnel.”

Today’s Weekly Scoop will be all about this scrimmage. We’ve consulted with multiple sources in attendance and compiled a detailed report of the Tar Heels’ first action of the season ....

The Weekly Scoop (11/1): Secret Scrimmage Report

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