UNC-UNCP: Roy Williams Postgame

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- North Carolina's head coach discusses his team's exhibition win over UNC-Pembroke on Friday at the Smith Center.

Opening Comments:

“Well, it was an unusual game. They missed a bunch of shots and got 30 offensive rebounds. We don’t like that. (SID) Steve (Kirschner) said it’s the most offensive rebounds we’ve given up in 14 years. We shot a good percentage, we got off to a good start offensively and then were able to run the ball. The big guys rebounded the ball and we got it out, and couple times the big guys ran the ball down the court themselves.

"I was trying to almost play 10 guys equal minutes ... Wanted to use our depth. One of the things I said earlier after Theo (Pinson) got hurt, was if guys do get confidence and we get Theo back, then all of a sudden Brandon (Robinson) and Kenny Williams and Nate (Britt) might even be better basketball players. So I did like that fact. 

"It was tough for Ben (Miller)’s team, they couldn’t just throw it in the ocean tonight and that our size bothered them a little bit inside. They missed a lot of shots that we did not get a hand on. Things you like - the fact that the ball goes in the basket, you like 33 assists on 44 made baskets, you like that they didn’t shoot the ball well, but again, they missed some that were wide open and we just didn’t get there to cover them.

You used a lot of combinations in the backcourt. Were there any of them that you liked that clicked?

“We’ve gone through 24 practices now, and I still haven’t played a 'starting lineup' together every day. We change guys every single day in practice, so they play with different combinations almost every single day. I feel really comfortable now with Joel (Berry), I feel really comfortable with Justin (Jackson). Kennedy’s doing some good things. Isaiah still hasn’t played yet the way I want Isaiah to play and the way he wants to play, but I’m not worried about Isaiah. If I’m worried about him, that means I’ve got a pretty good situation. Again, Kenny Williams and Brandon Robinson and Nate Britt – there’s some minutes there that Theo would have been getting that they need to get right now, but probably this week I’ll start trying to put some guys together that I think will play more together once the season starts, but I really haven’t done that yet.”

Are the 30 offensive rebounds they had concerning or just a product of so many missed shots?

“You’re going to have more opportunities if you shoot a poor percentage, but we didn’t do as good a job at boxing out. I told them about a kid that came and visited while I was at Kansas who said he didn’t realize there were 11 commandments. He said after watching our practice that the 11th commandment was thou shall box out, and we did not believe the eleventh commandment tonight. It’ll be interesting to see, again, you miss that many shots and they’re a good rebounding team. They go to the boards. It hurt them a little bit because they had guys to the board and they didn’t get back, so our break was more effective because of that. It does concern me that we had some guys who I’m counting on to be big time rebounders who didn’t box out.”

One week out from the start of the season, what are your biggest concerns right now? 

... We've thrown a lot of things at them and we threw a lot of things at them today to see if it would stick in game action. I'd say rebounding would be the No. 1 thing. No. 2 is 'are you tough enough to guard your man and stop him from scoring.' That's something I've been trying to challenge them at - 'have more pride in what you're doing in man-to-man defense.'

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