In the News 9/19/01: Football

A round up of today's Carolina football news from the state's newspapers.

"UNC coach John Bunting said that in the game against No. 6 Florida State at noon Saturday, Durant, a redshirt freshman, will get more snaps than he has in the Tar Heels' first three games. He will play earlier. He will play more often."
Closing in on No. 1
Raleigh (NC) News and Observer

"North Carolina coach John Bunting did some thinking, and came to this conclusion: Saturday against No. 6 Florida State, Curry will play more than he has all season."
Curry's job in jeopardy against FSU
The Charlotte Observer

"Bunting said offensive linemen Jason Brown and Chase Page, tailback Jacque Lewis and defensive back Chris Hawkins will play against FSU, particularly on special teams."
Some Heels freshmen graduate to game day
Raleigh (NC) News and Observer

"North Carolina football coach John Bunting said Tuesday he's going to strip four freshmen of their innocence, rob them of their youth. And for what?"
Future Now for UNC freshmen
Greensboro (NC) News and Record

"Here's a deal that ranks right up there with the notion of buying the Brooklyn Bridge or swamp land in Florida: UNC swapped 0-2 Southern Methodist for sixth-ranked Florida State as its opening home opponent."
Carolina draws short straw in changing of home games
The Chapel Hill News

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