ICTV Film Room from UNC-GT: Flexbone Challenges

Georgia Tech completed an 83-yard touchdown pass against the Tar Heels.

Although it has a reputation among fans as a three yards and a cloud of dust offense, the Flexbone is actually designed to be a big-play offense by putting defensive players in a bind and opening vertical seams. This long pass play exemplifies why Paul Johnson's triple option offense is so difficult to defend.

Georgia Tech presents a look and a motion that typically accompanies a speed option to the boundary here but breaks tendency with a pass play that easily gets the A-Back into a vertical route. This play puts the cornerback into a bind, as even though he does his job coming up to keep contain against the run, he winds up wrong against this pass concept. This a great example of what makes defending the Flexbone so frustrating, and it’s why Georgia Tech is such a pain to defend every year.

Let's go inside the ICTV GIF film room to take a closer look.

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