OL Kelby Wickline's UNC Commitment Q&A: 'Instant Connection'

Kelby Wickline committed to UNC over the weekend and announced it on Monday. The offensive lineman from Jones County (Miss.) JC talked with Inside Carolina about his decision...

Q&A with Kelby Wickline

Break down what happened.

"I took my visit, enjoyed it -- loved it. Saturday morning I committed, but I had to call all my other coaches [before going public]."

What was it about North Carolina?

"I liked the campus, the overall family oriented atmosphere, the academics, the coaching staff, and the success of football program in general."

Speaking of coaching staff, what impact did offensive line coach Chris Kapilovic have?

"I knew him beforehand. He's a good O-line coach. Him and Larry [Fedora] have been working together for a good bit. I knew he was going to take care of me from the start. There was an instant connection."

Where does Coach Kap see you fitting in at along the offensive line?

"He said center or right tackle, but really wherever they need the most help."

Compared to other recruits, you have an interesting dynamic since your father, Joe, coaches at West Virginia. What advice did he provide you?

"At the end of the day, he said, 'Make the best decision for you.' He was a great mentor throughout this process. I really appreciated him for that."

Isn't there some sort of connection between your father and Larry Fedora?

"Coach Fedora and my dad coached together at Middle Tennessee, Florida, and Oklahoma State for a total of ten years."

When did your UNC official visit take place?

"I took a flight on Thursday and got there just before game time. I went and watched the Duke game at Duke. And then I left Saturday morning."

While officially visiting UNC, you attended a game at Duke. That's pretty unique.

"Yeah. It was a very electric experience. It was a rivalry game -- not just a normal game. I really thoroughly enjoyed it. It was only ten miles away and that was kind of cool."

Caleb Peterson hosted you. What was it like spending time with him?

"He was a four-year starter, knew the lay of the land, [and] knew exactly what he was talking about. He told me everything about the program -- he was very positive and had a lot of insight."

Before committing to Fedora, what was his pitch to you?

"He said, 'Here we're going to take care of you; and we're going to be honest with you; and we don't just want you, we need you.' That was enough to sell me."

Overall, what role did the official visit play on your decision?

"It pretty much just sold me. It kind of confirmed and clarified what North Carolina was all about."

What other schools did you officially visit?

"I officially visited Missouri and Arkansas."

What other schools did you have offers from?

"Oklahoma State, TCU, Arizona State, California, West Virginia -- I'm missing like 10 more, but those are the main ones."

How firm is this commitment? Will you officially visit any other schools?

"No, I'm going to shut it down."

In just a couple of years, you've had an interesting college path. Tell me about that.

"I started at UTSA, but red-shirted. I tore my labrum before I got there so I was underweight. I felt like I was a little better and I wanted to play bigger ball and I wanted a fresh start, so I came here [to Jones County JC]."

When will you enroll at UNC and what does your eligibility situation look like?

"I'll get there in January and I'm three-for-three."



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