UNC-UH: Roy Williams Postgame

UNC's head coach spoke to reporters following his team's 83-68 win over Hawai'i on Friday.

Opening comments:
“That was one of the ugliest games I’ve ever coached in my entire life. We made some shots during the stretch in the second half that gave us the lead. Noah Allen, No. 32, he was a man out there today. Sheriff [Drammeh] had made it tough on us. He didn’t have a great night putting the ball in the basket, but he made it tough on us trying to get the ball out of his hands. The other guys were doing some nice things. Noah Allen was killing us. Jack Purchase, we even tried to switch on his outside shots and didn’t do a very good job of that. You look down at the stat sheet, and yes, I like five guys in double figures and I like shooting 64 percent in the second half, but 16 turnovers are way too much and the fact that they shoot 55 percent in the second half.

"You’ve got to give Eran’s team credit. They kept playing. I think it got to five at one point in the second half and we kept making a few plays here and there. But give them credit. Give Noah Allen credit, give Sheriff credit for keeping us off balance the whole night. Their big guys were trying like crazy on the backboards, but we’re just so much bigger -- 46-23 on the backboards, 28-8 on second-chance points. That means we’re more gifted. We’re bigger, we’re stronger and that kind of thing. It was a great environment for us because things weren’t going smoothly and two or three bad things happened in a row and everybody’s getting down in the mouth. Just got to be happy that we’re out of here with a ‘W.’”

Five guys in double figures and one of them is not Joel Berry. Is that a good thing or a concern?
“It’s not a concern, it’s a good thing. I’ve never seen him go 1-for-9, but I’ve never seen go 1-for-9 and charge a guy going in for a layup, either. It was a bad day for him. In the first half, our starting 1-2-3 men were 1-for-16. That’s not good.”

Isaiah Hicks seemed efficient.
“He was pretty efficient offensively, but on the defensive end I was so mad at him I couldn’t see straight. He was 7-for-8. That’s pretty efficient, yeah.”

What kind of boost did the freshmen give you?
“Well, you know, we had a stretch in there where Seventh made a three, Kenny Williams made a jumper on the other side. Seventh, I was so mad at him because he should have pitched it ahead for a layup and he didn’t, and then came down and made a three on the same play. But Tony was big for us, to say the least. Tony was better than the other guys, but the other guys did some things. But I’d say he was the only one that was really big for us.”

Nate Britt gave you some offense and made some defensive plays in his third straight start -- 
“I was really pleased with what Nate did, and I was not displeased with what Kenny did, so I feel good about the game both of those guys are giving us. We’ve got to get everybody playing more efficiently on the offensive end and caring a little more about it on the defensive end.”

Was jet lag an issue?
“No, it was just stupidity. That’s all it was. If you can’t freaking guard the basketball, it’s hard to play.”

Was it nice to get this one in as a warmup for Maui?
“I hope. Getting this one and then having another 48 hours before we play again will be good for our legs. Tomorrow’s practice is not going to be good for their legs.”

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