Chris Bradwell Q&A

IC's Mark Ellington spoke with Georgia defensive line prospect Chris Bradwell and here is a transcript of that interview.

DL prospect Chris Bradwell lives on the outskirts of Atlanta in Alpharetta, Ga. Here are his vitals provided by Chris himself:

  • Age: 17
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 250
  • 40-time: 4.6
  • Tackles: 20 (three games)
  • Sacks: ½
  • Positions: TE/LB/DT (Says he expects to play DE in college)
  • Catches: 4
  • Yards: 115
  • TDs: 3
  • Offers: None
  • Favorites: Mia, FSU, FL, SCAR, UNC

    Inside Carolina – Which school is recruiting you the hardest?
    Chris Bradwell- FL and UNC

    IC – How often are you getting calls?
    Bradwell – About 1 every two weeks from FL and UNC.

    IC – When did you think you could be a Division-1 football player?
    Bradwell – I have wanted to play major college football since I was little.

    IC – Did you have a favorite team growing up?
    Bradwell – I have always liked FSU.

    IC – I have seen your address for Florida as well as Georgia. Did you use to live in Florida?
    Bradwell – Yes, I used to live in Florida and that is when I started liking FSU.

    IC – What do you like about UNC?
    Bradwell – I like their defense and I also like the basketball team. I would like the opportunity to play basketball in college as well as football.

    IC – Who is recruiting you from North Carolina?
    Bradwell – Coach Huxtable is recruiting me from UNC. He first came down to meet me last spring and has been recruiting me since then.

    IC – Do you plan on taking an official visit to UNC?
    Bradwell – Yes I do.

    IC – Have you scheduled any official visits yet?
    Bradwell – No, not yet.

    IC – What are the most important things to you when choosing a school?
    Bradwell – I would really like to be able to play my first or second year.

    IC – Do your parents have a preference where you go?
    Bradwell – They like SCAR but they are not particularly pushing me in that direction.

    IC - How has your HS team done this year?
    Bradwell - We're 2-0 so far.

    IC – Has your HS coach given you any recruiting advice?
    Bradwell – Mainly to keep my options open.

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