ICTV Film Room: NCSU Beats The UNC Blitz

A closer look at Carolina's attempt to turn up the defensive pressure and the Wolfpack's response.

One major misconception about the North Carolina defense in 2016 is that Gene Chizik has called an almost exclusively bend-but-don't break style, refusing to blitz and put pressure on opposing offenses while leaving his cornerbacks in man coverage.

Unfortunately, the problems run deeper than that, as shown in Saturday's loss to NC State. Let's take a look at an example of why bringing the blitz isn't an easy solution for Carolina's defensive woes. This play illustrates how in the absence of dominant players up front, bringing the blitz doesn’t necessarily mean getting sufficient pressure to compensate for the advantageous matchups downfield to which it subjects the defense.

Like it or not, the solution isn’t schematic as much as it is personnel and execution, which aren’t as easily fixed as adjusting the Xs and Os.

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