Texas WR Beau Corrales Set for UNC Official

UNC might reach into the Lone Star State to fill a recruiting need.

North Carolina's search for a third wide receiver to complete its 2017 haul has reached beyond the walls of its typical recruiting footprint. Georgetown, Texas was one of Gunter Brewer's visits during the Contact Period. There, Brewer, UNC's wide receiver coach, met with Beau Corrales.

"He did come on a home visit and set up an official for that weekend of the 13th in January," Corrales said. "Honestly, I'm not too clear on whether an offer was extended. I still have to talk to [Larry] Fedora."

Thus far, Corrales, a 6-foot-4, 203-pounder, has taken official visits to Indiana and Utah. His trip to Bloomington, which occurred over the weekend, set the bar high for future visits, even though the Hoosiers have recently completed a head coach change.

"Honestly, I think Indiana really stuck out to me this past weekend," Corrales said. "I don't want to make any decisions just being high off of feelings, but I really did enjoy it and I'm going to carry a lot of stuff with me that I got to do there. I enjoyed it."

While plans still need to be finalized, Corrales will travel to Arizona State for an official visit after returning from UNC. It's tentatively scheduled for the weekend of Jan. 20. 

"Arizona State will probably be my last stop," Corrales said. "I don't think I'm going to use my fifth [allotted official] visit just because I want to have a decision made up by the weekend after my visit to Arizona State."

Besides scheduling an official visit, Brewer broke down UNC's wide receiver situation during his in-home visit with Corrales.

"He told me that they're in need of a bigger guy and that I fit the role that they need to have filled," Corrales said. "He thinks that I'll be a great fit for the team and their offense, as well."

As a senior, Corrales was the leading receiver for an 8-3 team. He pulled in 90 passes for 1,158 yards and 14 touchdowns.

UNC isn't a stranger to the Lone Star State; backup quarterback Nathan Elliott and recently retired linebacker J.B. Copeland are Texas natives. However, Texas lies far outside of UNC's typical recruiting footprint.

"Honestly, I have no clue how [Brewer] found out about me," Corrales said. "I talked to Wake Forest a little bit, so I was wondering if there was some sort of connection there since they're both ACC schools."

Unsurprisingly, Corrales has never visited NC. Thus, his UNC knowledge is quite limited.

"I know that it's pretty prestigious, as far as academics go," Corrales said. "And I know Ryan Switzer. I know Chapel Hill is a really nice area and I've heard really good things."

Regardless, Corrales's focus during his official visit will be the team.

"I want to learn about the environment, as far as the team goes and as far as the coaching staff goes, because that's what made Indiana stick out to me," Corrales said. "Indiana was really a family and everybody was welcoming. So, [at UNC] I want to see how the team and coaches interact with each other, I guess."


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