ICTV Film Room: Pressure Failure

With under three minutes to go in the game and trailing by seven the UNC defense gives up a first down to the Wolfpack offense on 3rd & 5.

For today's video, we're going to look at yet another example in which UNC's attempt to bring pressure backfired against NC State, as the Wolfpack were able to counter the blitz in just the right spot for a third down conversion to put the game away.

With Ryan Finley hurt, NC State has Jalen McClendon at QB and goes with a trips left, back left quad formation in the effort to get Carolina overloaded to the field side. Carolina defensive coordinator Gene Chizik tries to match with a field blitz from the nickel corner. The problem is that this turns into a man-free situation in which the Mike linebacker is vacating the middle to chase the running back while the free safety is responsible for the quarterback in a run to the right.

The safety is playing too deep to provide quick enough run support, and because the Carolina defensive line can't cause sufficient havoc (thanks in part to an egregious hold), this turns into an easy third down conversion for NC State.

Let's go inside the ICTV GIF film room for a closer look.

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