ICTV Film Room: Goal Line Pursuit

The UNC Tar Heel defense gives up a touchdown on 2nd & goal in a goal line stand.

In the last video, we looked at one example of NC State scoring out of a wildcat package against a stacked defensive front. Now we're going to look at State's final touchdown, which came on the exact same play, only this time Jaylen Samuels takes the handoff from Matt Dayes on the jet sweep.

Since this is a goal line play, Carolina employs a five man front with all eleven defenders within five yards of the line of scrimmage. The key here is on the edge, where OLB Cason Collins has one job: contain and compress, and Des Lawrence has additional contain responsibilities. The one thing that absolutely should not happen in this scheme is Carolina getting outflanked, as there are two players responsible for contain. Donnie Miles has the C Gap responsibility. The one thing that absolutely should never happen against this defensive look is the offense getting to the edge, and that's exactly what happens.

Let's go inside the ICTV GIF film room for a closer look.

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